Toy car with opening trunk

Pay attention to the height and weight of the child

The first point that you should pay enough attention to when buying a rechargeable car is the height and weight of your child so that you can buy one of the suitable sizes for this category of electric stunts according to his physical dimensions. Be careful, it is best to buy this kind of popular children’s play equipment in such a way that it can be used for at least a few years. For younger children, use rechargeable cars that have a lower speed and fewer motors.

Taking into account the child’s taste

Remember, above all else, that rechargeable cars are designed and produced to entertain children and instill in them a healthy driving culture during their childhood; So please, before buying any of these types of equipment, ask your child for the final opinion and even if possible, take him with you to buy his favorite toy.

Caring for the consumer environment

Another point that you need to keep in mind when buying rechargeable cars for kids is the environment in which your child will be driving. If your environment is a residential home and there is not much room for your child to move around, use low-speed, single-passenger rechargeable cars so that your child does not suffer minor or even serious injuries and your household items are not damaged!

additional facilities

Every car shipped nowadays has a lot of accessories which are very much like a real car. Among these facilities we can mention: audio playback, belts, leather seats, LED lights, hydraulic steering wheel, etc. The presence of each of them will certainly affect the final price of the car you are looking for.

carrying handle

Having a handle to carry and move this device can be considered very effective due to its relatively large size and weight.

High quality shock absorption

Another important point that we highly recommend paying attention to when buying a rechargeable car is the presence of high-quality and soft shock absorbers in the device you are going to purchase. Remember that children are at the age of development and formation of the spine, and this part of the body should be very relaxed while driving a car.

Remote control ability

The presence of a remote control system is another important thing to look out for when choosing and purchasing a rechargeable car; Because in this case, you can easily point the device from a distance when you are not in control of your child.

Chargeable car price

Buying a cheap console machine is decided upon by many different things and facilities that are taken into consideration. Among these things, we can mention the size and volume of the product, the type of battery and its charging capacity (the higher the amperage of the battery, the longer the charging time), the type of wheels, the car’s security system, etc. .

So far we have learned some tips on choosing and buying a suitable rechargeable car. Below is a list 21 Cheap, high quality and popular rechargeable car We have prepared for you the Iranian market. All of these charging machines are of high quality and reasonable price. Do not forget that by clicking on the image or button of each item, you can get more pictures and information about the product.

Metal car and replica

Toys that are a small sample of real devices in the world around us are more attractive to children and they are more willing to play with them. For example, girls enjoy house and kitchen games. Or boys play with it moccutte car They love it very much, especially if it is a replica of a metal car that looks very much like the real one. Of course, both girls can have replicas of cars and boys can have home and kitchen items, it totally depends on the interest and enthusiasm of your child.

Mockups are actually an artificial, smaller, simpler example of a product that has a certain scope and detail. Metal car replica It is one of the devices that has had many fans since ancient times till today and kids, teens and even many adults are interested in having a set of these cars. The metal car replica is designed just like a real car and is extremely stylish and highly accurate in construction.

Collection What is the?

A collection is actually a collection of works from the same family in any field that anyone can collect and keep where they wish. Creating a group is one of those great and fun habits that other people will be glad to have or see. Each person chooses something according to his personal taste, then by collecting his various models, he forms a collection for himself.

For example, some people are interested in coins. For this reason, they collect coins with different designs and roles from different periods of history. But in order to have a collection, there is no need to look for things that are difficult to collect in large numbers or very rare and unique. You can make a collection of the simplest things around you according to your mood.

Metal car replica collection

after the invention Machine With the increasing advancement, various models with attractive features and designs have entered the market, and today there are a variety of car models. It doesn’t matter your age or gender, most people love cars and would like to have all their favorite cars in their parking lot. But since actual cars are bulky and expensive, so can you Metal car replica Collect and replace as a group.

The lightning mcquee metal car replica allows you to get your favorite cars easily and in a small space in your home or room, instead of paying huge fees and having too much space for examples. Get it real. These replicas are made in various scales and with very detailed detailing and can be owned as a valuable asset.

The metal car replicas are made with very high strength and look very much like their real counterparts. It has matte, glossy and metallic colors, so that not only kids but also many teens and adults are interested in collecting metal cars and replicas of their favorite cars.

In the Nimaproduct online store, we have tried to collect a variety of replica metal cars for your fans and lovers. You can get it at the lowest cost and turn it into a collection, or give it to your loved ones as a gift. The metal car replica makes your childhood memories come alive again, in this way you find a way to get close to your children, talk to them and play with them.

Car and motor scales

Metal machines are made in different dimensions, however more The dimensions used are as follows:
By clicking on any of the scales above, you can see a large variety of car or motorcycle replicas and buy them if you want.

aTypes of metal cars

Many people remember their childhood memories when they saw these cars, and some can even say that their metal car collection is the most valuable thing they own. These types of cars are available in different types and sizes for all who are interested in metal cars like Pride, taxis, trucks, all kinds of Peugeots, Pecans, police metal cars, Pars, 206, Lamborghini, etc. Also, these cars are available in different variants like siren cars and even classic Benz cars.

The most popular models in the Nimaproduct online store :

Police car model 2010 Camaro SS
Metal replica of the Kia Cerato police car
Replica of Toyota Crown police car
TOYOTA ALPHARD Metal police car toy
Benz 220 metal police car toy, classic architecture
Nobu 206 Force metal car toy
405 Special Metal Command survived car
And the…

One of the most popular models :

Metal replica of the Dodge Viper GT2
2014 Corvette Stingray Metallic Car
Metal Dodge Charger replica
Ferrari F430 Assembled Metal Car Replica
Metal version of the Lamborghini Blancpain
Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Willy Metal Car Item 43777
And the…

Best selling models :

Metal replica of the oil truck model
Hamsafar model metal minibus
Item 5012 metal truck
metal mixing machine
Tractor vehicle metal item 1210d41
Item 5012b metal fire truck
Metal car Kia Picanto Welly item 43760
Benz 220 classic architecture Game Metal car
Metal car replica of the sports racing car
And the…

One of the most popular Nimaproduct online stores :

Volkswagen off-road vehicle
Volkswagen Beetle metal replica
Metal car replica
Volkswagen Beetle metal replica
Metal replica of the Volkswagen T1 pickup
Replica Volkswagen
And the…

Metal car replica features:

Metal car replicas, in addition to looking identical to the original model, have other transferable features, such as Pull back The (power) indicates that the retracting motion means that the child has to pull the car back and release so that the car moves powerfully without the need for batteries. Lights and play Sound effects He made the replicas even more attractive.To make the replica as close as possible to the real model, the car doors can be opened, and on larger cars, you’ll also see the trunk opening and hood.

Many people who like cars that transform into robots, good pedals, and even fire trucks can easily own a copy of it. We offer metal pickup trucks, Cadillacs, military metal cars, tow trucks and Volkswagens.

Buy metal car replicas online from Nimaproduct and Amazon

in online store There are different types of dolls with reasonable prices and excellent quality. My dears, you can choose the best according to your child’s taste and soul. All you have to do is order the doll and have it delivered to your door as soon as possible.

More details about the Prado with the possibility of opening its trunk

In terms of looks, the Prado has a very nice design and attention has been paid to the details. This can be proven by observing the room inside. Due to the fact that the doors of the car can be opened and it also does not have glass, its interior space is well visible and the seats, dashboard, gear, steering wheel and the overall interior of the car are well simulated.

In addition, by opening the trunk and front cover of the car, you can see the empty space of the trunk and the engine inside the Prado. This feature is valuable for collectors who want to own this product and also for kids to relate to a real car. The prado car toy can move backwards and for this it is necessary to pull it back and release it. Of course, for smooth and better movement of the metal car, it is a good idea to place it on a smooth surface such as ceramic.

Also, this boy’s car has the ability to produce sound. Three small watch batteries are placed under it, when the child wants to start his toy car, he only needs to press slightly on the hood (or the front part), first the car starting sound, and then the car sound. The car is moving and the door finally heard the car brake. This simulated sound effect, like its beautiful design, is one of the things that add to the appeal of the metal car game. It should be noted that the Prado does not have box packaging.

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