Basij artists from Ashura Corps issue a statement on the movie “The Holy Spider” – Electronic News Agency | Iran and world news

According to the electronic news agency, the statement stated: seventy-five The Festival of Politics took place when the film “Holy Spider”, produced by Ali Abbasi and his agents, was screened again by backward politicians in the French government and Jewish fans of the festival.

Once again, intellectuals and art claimants have shown themselves to be dependent on Western thought and culture. This picture is a horrific insult to the luminous field of Imam Ali bin Musa satiate (e)The beliefs, beliefs and values ​​of Muslims demonstrated that the Cannes Film Festival is a propaganda tool in the hands of political and foreign elements. theoretical Anti-Iranian and Islamist thinking has made some of our artists and filmmakers their puppets.

The Basij Organization for Ashura artists condemned the move Reg future artists i saw and committed to please and bum Don’t leave the sacred art square with spiders nasza may get infected.

According to the certificate steam The culmination of the growth of these intellectuals and artists is that they (Westerners) promote the separation between art and commitment by winning the prize, and rewarding those who consider themselves committed to the West and its art. and politics.

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