The difference between powder cream and foundation cream, which one should we choose?

As you know, one of the most important principles of flawless makeup is to have beautiful and glowing skin. If you, like many people, do not have smooth, shiny skin, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Because today, despite the many cosmetic products that have been launched; It is possible to easily solve all kinds of skin problems and create a good makeup and facial makeup experience in person. One such cosmetic is foundation cream, which can miraculously cover all skin problems like bruises, scars, pimples, blemishes, etc. Now, in this article, we have decided to introduce you to the difference between cream and powder currency luxury foundation.

Basic introduction

In fact, foundation cream can be considered as one of the beauty products in the cream category, which, unlike powder cream, has great coverage ability and can be easily used to cover skin blemishes and scars. It should be noted that such a thick cream cannot be a suitable option for daily use. This is due to the fact that powder creams are lighter creams and can be used for everyday makeup.

It is interesting to note that this type of cream is divided into 3 different groups of liquid, powder and oily based on the formulation, and in addition, it will be divided into 3 groups of spray, stick and colloid, each of which is suitable for a specific type of skin. Each of the mentioned types of organizations has its own uses. Accordingly, if you intend to; Choose the most suitable and best type according to your skin, you should get complete information in this field.

As said at the beginning, foundation cream is one of the cosmetic products that are generally used to cover facial imperfections. Because these creams can easily cover scars and blemishes. But cream powders have less coverage due to their lower concentration. It should be noted that professional make-up artists use foundations to contour the skin of the face. Because by using this product, you can have marble-like, radiant and smooth skin.

In fact, foundations can cover skin blemishes and blemishes, and Kevin’s luxurious day and night cream, due to the presence of pigments in it, as well as its ability to provide superficial coverage. They can also give a special color and shine to the skin. So, when you intend to do everyday, non-professional makeup; It is better to use powder cream. Note that the foundation cream acts as a gypsum mask that is used in the first stage of makeup, and it is necessary to perform makeup techniques on it to beautify the face.

Learn about the types of foundation cream and powder

Sticky powder cream

This type of cream is produced in a matte and solid form and will contain more colored granules and thus better coverage. You can apply this luxurious cream directly to your face and smooth it on with a brush or sponge.

Liquid powder cream

This type of powder cream has a very high leveling ability and can be used to cover any type of skin. This type of powder cream has different types in terms of concentration, durability and hydration.

Powder cream

This type of powder cream has a very short shelf life. Judging by the fact that the skin of the face constantly produces oil during the day, it is necessary to constantly replenish this powder cream. It is worth noting that this powder is creamy due to its composition; Makes fine lines and dry skin areas more visible. Therefore, people who have wrinkles use less amount of this product to cover their face.

Creamy powder cream

This kind of powder cream can moisturize your facial skin to a great extent. If you intend to use a powder cream that will cover the dry patches on your skin and not draw attention, then a cream formula is one of the most sought after. It is interesting to note that these types of powder creams are completely different in terms of consistency, final appearance, shelf life, etc.

Types of foundations Buy foundation

Foundation types

Liquid foundation

Note that this product should be lighter, and if it is creamy, then the cream in question is more easily absorbed by the skin than other types. On the other hand, liquid foundation is more suitable for dry skin.

foundation powder

In order for this type of foundation to settle easily on the skin, a gentle moisturizer should be applied under it before use. Foundation powder samples that have a granular color are also called pasty or creamy powder.

Greasy foundation

It is one of the types of foundation cream that is generally used for heavy makeup and makeup. If you plan to use multiple shades with different creams, you need to use an oil-based foundation as a strong cover.

The last word

As said at the beginning. The difference between foundation and powder is the type of coverage. So, if you intend to use heavy makeup on your skin, the best option is to use foundation as a very strong cover. Before using foundation and powder on your skin; It is best to clean your face well with a mild cleanser.

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