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The seventh of Safar is the day of the death and memorial of Salman al-Farsi. One of the greatest companions of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, is the Iranian Shiite religion, as evidenced by history, indebted to him. For this reason, Ehsan Nazim Al-Baqai, journalist and activist in comparative history research, in a conversation with Mokhbaran Plus, expressed important and minor points about this important figure in the history of Iran and Islam.

Isnables. Oral note – Ihsan Najm Al-Bukai:“Ruzbah” bin Salman al-Farsi or “Budakshan” is actually a symbol of “the search for truth” and “the search for the truth”. Therefore, this search for the truth makes him leave the apparent peace he had with his father in Isfahan and Jay and go to different places in the Zoroastrian-Sasanian atmosphere to search for the truth and not stop working when he reaches it. Religion is a private profession, a religion and a city, and it continues its work until it reaches the truth and reaches the true flow.

8 thousand kilometers in search of the truth

Salman Farsi’s journey on Earth is very exciting in its own way. That is, he moves from city to city to reach the true truth. This great man traveled nearly 8000 kilometers from Iran to Sham, Anatolia and Hejaz to reach the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. Salman Farsi goes to Damascus from Isfahan, and from Damascus to the northern cities of Amoriyah, Nusaybin and Mosul, then goes to Medina as a prisoner in Bayt al-Maqdis and Wadi al-Khari. He embraced Islam after coming to Medina. Then they go to Mecca and then to Madan. So Salman has a special advantage in terms of physical circulation.

From Zoroaster to the Prophet

The third aspect of Salman Farsi’s heavenly journey. In addition to having a physical and material dimension that moves from city to city, Salman is constantly working to change religion, religion and profession into a mystical, royal and religious state. From Zoroastrianism to Christianity. He examines the varieties of early and ecclesiastical Christianity, turns them over, delves deeply into them, and discovers their strengths and weaknesses. Then they learn about Judaism, Manichaeism, and Mazadaq, then see the early idolatry of Islam, and finally rest on the peaceful banks of Islam.

Muslim dad!

The fourth aspect that can be seen in the name of Salman is the complete surrender of Salman al-Farisi to Islam, the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and Imam Ali (peace be upon him). In fact, Salman Farsi did not give any reason to the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace and Imam Ali (peace be upon him) since his conversion to Islam until the moment of his death. At the time of Salman’s stay in Byzantium, and because of the high position he achieved as a pope, he was in the presence of the Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Ali (peace be upon him), the relationship between Murad and Murid had already been formed. Complete surrender, obedience and acceptance of the wali elevates his status to such an extent that he is greeted in Persian when he sees Hazrat Salman. Likewise, when Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) saw Salman as it came in the book “Al-Qubbah Al-Kubri” he said that Salman knows the first and last knowledge and knows everything. The likes of Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) say this. For this reason, Salman al-Farsi made the first Persian translation of Surat Hamad. Continuing the story of Saki Var, referring to the intrigues of Saki Var, he utters the famous sentence “I did and did not do” in the Persian language of that time.

Shiite column in Iran

The fifth and most important aspect of the characteristics of Salman Farsi is that his relationship with Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon him) and Imam Ali (peace be upon him) was the beginning of a deeper relationship that later led to the relationship between Iran and the imams of tradition. peace be upon them), Iran and Shi’ism. The deep relationship that developed between Salman al-Farisi, the Prophet, Imam Ali, the Afaf family, and Afaf finally created a way for Iranians to be influenced by the imams of Athar and to see that imams did not find better disciples than Iranians. This is a very important point to know that Salman Farsi is the founder and one of the pillars of Iranian Shiites, and if this Shiites is now bitter and mixed with Iranian Shiites, it is the first. A well-arranged stone is the first stone of Salman al-Farsi.

Salman belongs to my family

The sixth aspect is the influence of Salman as an influential figure on the surrounding environment. This is due to the patience and calmness that he acquired during the years of walking. In the years of his life and the path he followed, he is considered one of the greatest companions of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace. When the Holy Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) uttered the phrase “Salman is from me Ahl al-Bayt,” this can be interpreted as having the same status with Ahl al-Bayt and Ahl al-Bayt. Therefore, Salman Farsi, who walked seven steps, when he reached Medina and was in the service of the beloved Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him), was so calm, calm and restrained that his presence in Medina became very impressive. In the first confrontations in the war of the parties, he referred to the trench and with his own imagination he saved Islam from the danger of the trench and the war of the parties. Therefore, Salman is one of the few personalities in history that has a profound impact on his surroundings.

Salman Al-Farsi is great, but he has fallen

My seventh and last point is that despite all the points you have raised, unfortunately Salman Al-Farsi is one of the neglected personalities and we Iranians did not pay attention to him. Even in the Muslim community, they did not pay attention to them. Some myopia, judgments and one-sided factors have caused some people to have a negative view of this great personality and go to court. On the other hand, some non-Iranians view them from a racist point of view and they are persecuted on both sides. Different things have to be done about them. Write different books and novels. Fortunately, Mr. Mir Bagheri is doing the Salman Farsi series so that this work finally reaches its destination and people get to know this important Iranian figure in the Islamic world, that is Salman Al Farsi.

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