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Can people with disabilities experience travel?

Informants / Khorasan Razavi The director of the Iran Disability Adventure Group said: “The aim of the Disability Adventure Group is to create opportunities for the disabled to experience flying, diving, kayaking, kayaking, adventure, wildlife, etc.” Adventure and travel experience. I don’t understand

In an interview with informants about his life and the story of the establishment and use of the group “Iranian Adventures with a Disability”, Saeed Al-Zargiri said: “Excitement and adventure means moving away from a safe place and facing fear and facing them.” I am severely disabled due to muscular dystrophy, a disease in which muscles gradually lose strength.

He continued, “But after all these years I was able to do things that I neither believe in nor think of, and after entering the University of English Language and Literature in 1985 I decided to finish my studies and start a virtual language.” A school in which the Internet was not available to everyone, disability was provided to learn English, and finally in 1990 I was able to start a school.

“In this way, knowing my mood, I realized that I was interested in travel and excitement, and this interest drew me to the airport,” noted the director of a group of disabled Iranian adventurers. My first flight experience in 1988 in a light aircraft helped me realize what I was more interested in than ever.

After this experience, the opportunity to travel to India as an honorary member of the Muscular Dystrophy Association became a stepping stone from the safe home environment and paved the way for my entry into the world of travel and I realized my desire to do so. . The world is a journey and an adventure. All my efforts during these years were to overcome the obstacles of travel and adventure, which of course was one of my priorities.

Can people with disabilities experience any ride?

He said, “After exploring from the top of the sky to the depths of the sea and the earth and experiencing all the excitement of life, I decided to share my experiences with other people interested in travel and adventure with people with disabilities.” Set the team template.

“With years of experience, this group has provided flying, diving, kayaking, adventure, wildlife, night sky, bird watching, nature tours for people with disabilities, and if I’m working I can say no,” he said. A chance to enjoy the trip

He continued, “Achieving this goal was not an easy task for me, but the presence of experts in this direction helped me a lot, because everyone knew that my goal and the goal of this group is to provide equal opportunities for adventure and travel.”

The director of the group of adventurers with disabilities said: Of its charm and renewal: paragliding, helicopter, paramotor, all kinds of nature tours, lack of experience in diving and disability, adventure activities. This was investigated in the media and many people became aware of these activities, and the demand for these activities increased among people with disabilities.

A group of disabled Iranian adventurers enjoy any kind of adventure travel

According to the goals of Iranian adventurers with disabilities, it is necessary to mention: the group of Iranian adventurers with disabilities provides the possibility of flying, diving, boating, kayaking and crossing terrible deserts for the disabled. Camping in the heart of Iran and nature. to have fun. All the activities mentioned are done with the best teams and this group does not cooperate with any organization and the activities are completely independent.

Can people with disabilities experience any ride?

He continued, “The adventure is unbelievable and varies in its dimensions and difficulties, and people with disabilities face many fears, and the adventure of the disabled multiplies these fears.” For example, I started my activities in 1991, which may be distant activities.

Requirements: 10 years of activity and experience in free diving, many free falls from planes and helicopters, 500m wheelchair jump, experience with wheelchair zips has made me known in the world and these activities inspire people. Not being able to see them enables them to perform such activities.

“I am a member of the International Association of Therapeutic Adventures, the International Association of Therapeutic Adventures, the Parafating Committee of the International Rowing Federation, and the only rules for Asian and World Rowing competitions,” says Adventure Adventure Paralympic Group Director.

“All the experiences gained in this way will be given to other disabled adventurers in Iran with the help of specialists and specialists and without government support,” he said. The activities of this group lead to easy access to tourism and other people who will have access to this problem in the future. Because the topic of disabled travel is a mystery.

Basic explanation: The activities and tours of this group offer the possibility of accepting hotels and accommodation. On the other hand, the presence of these helps in financing housing, because the disabled make up at least 15% of the population, and if we add 10% of the elderly to this population, there are better chances. For sellers in the area.

On his personal and professional activities, Saeed Al-Zarziri said: “In addition to experiencing the world of adventure, I am also active in the field of job creation and business.” Currently, with 24 translation agencies and managing travel and adventure journalism, I’m looking forward to launching a website and working closely with a tourism consulting firm. I have written many articles and notes on travel, adventure, and disability, many of which have been published in Persian for the first time.

A book on the essence of life, narrative and decision

He explained about Basic Life: This book is the story of my life and it started with a preference for my mental image. This book is not just a description of life’s events and adventures, but a presentation of how my brain works in the face of challenges, problems, failures and successes.

Can people with disabilities experience any ride?

The directors of the Adventure Group for the Handicapped added: “This book contains keywords and pure sentences that are written according to the situation.” Fall, destruction, and rebuilding are well illustrated throughout the book, and during adolescence, these vandalism, destruction, and rebuilding appear in a different way and in the spirit of the pursuit of their influence. This book shows, in the form of storytelling and decision making, how reviewing childhood events affects people.

The role of parents in shaping economic independence and responding to unpleasant life events and the existence of layers is debatable in this book. One of the highlights of this book is the Power of Mind program. This book attempts to extract real-life stories away from long and heavy literary descriptions, to address the importance of resilience and life planning despite all the stresses in society.

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