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The launch of the Fajr Music Festival in Al Wehdat Hall

With the announcement of the schedule of the 38th Fajr Music Festival, 9 performances have been identified for the festival, which will be held in Al Wihdat Hall.

According to informants, Vahdat Hall in Tehran will host 9 performances at the 38th Fajr Music Festival this year.

Iran National Music Orchestra is the premiere of Vahdat Hall which will be held on Friday, February 28 at 18:30. Vahdat Hall hosts the Hungarian group’s second performance on this day.

Vahdat Hall will also hold two performances of Azerbaijani music and the Nabi Mehrabani Orchestra on Saturday 29 Bahman. Azerbaijani music will be played at 18:30 on Saturday, and the Prophet Mehribani Orchestra will perform at the same time that coincides with the birth day of the Holy Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace).

On Sunday 30th Bahman, Al Wehdat Hall will host a show. The Holy Jihad Orchestra will perform at 18:30 on Sunday.

The Portuguese Fado Ensemble and the Sedavasima Symphony Orchestra will also perform on Monday, March 1, at Vahdat Hall. The Portuguese Band will perform at 6:30pm, and the Radio Symphony Orchestra will perform at 9:30pm.

On Tuesday, March 2, two groups of the St. Petersburg Concert Hall and the Tehran Symphony Orchestra will perform at Vahdat Hall.

The St. Petersburg Philharmonic will perform at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, and at 9:30 pm the Grom II (Tehran Symphony Orchestra) will perform.

Among the international performances of Dawn Music, we mention the presence of Portugal, Russia and Hungary, which will be held in Wahidat Hall.

According to the informants, the sale of tickets for the 38th Fajr Music Festival started on the evening of Wednesday, February 26th.

The 38th Fajr Music Festival will be held from Bahman 28 to March 3 under the direction of Behzad Abdi in competitive and non-competitive sections. 87 performances in the Instrumental, Regional, Classical, International, Orchestral, Pop and Anthem sections are presented at the 38th Fajr Music Festival.

The closing ceremony of the festival will also be held in Al Wehdat Hall.

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