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News crews and broadcasters have been sent to Qatar

The head of the radio stressed the effective and supportive role of the various broadcasting networks of our country’s football team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, as well as the wide coverage of this team’s participation in the World Cup. National Media is the 12th partner of the national team in this international sporting event.

According to the informants, and according to the public relations of radio and television, Biman Al-Jabali, head of the Radio and Television Authority, attended the joint meeting of representatives of the cultural committees and the merger of the Islamic Council with the Ministers of Culture and Islamic Guidance. . Sports and youth as well as cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts are the 12th sponsors of this competition.

Al-Jabali said: A special broadcast of various live and productive programs with a focus on analyzing and examining the different angles of the World Cup by inviting experts and veterans in this field, as well as broadcasting interesting documentaries explaining the composition, history and side aspects. . In this major sporting and football event, which is on the agenda and 10 days before the opening of these competitions, teams and countries are on the air of various radio and television networks.

He announced the dispatch of news teams and a program consisting of journalists, reporters, broadcasters and technical agents to Qatar, and the preparation and equipment of a dedicated studio at the venue for matches, where it will be broadcast live to the public and football fans. . It defines the text and margins of the games and how the 2022 World Cup will be held.

The spokesman for the Cultural Authority of the Islamic Council, Ahmad Rastina Hafishjani, clarified the agenda of this committee and said: This meeting is a cultural meeting related to discussing and studying the cultural ties of the World Cup in the presence of the ministers of the United Arab Emirates. Sports and youth. And Islamic guidance, cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts, the heads of the Broadcasting Corporation and the Kish Azad region held a meeting of chief executives and representatives of the Unification Committee.

Rustin emphasized: In this meeting, El-Jabali, the head of the Broadcasting Corporation, referring to the latest procedures in line with the production of content in national media, spoke about the programs planned in the national media for the wide coverage of football matches in the international meeting of the 2022 World Cup, which It was introduced by Diameter.

He noted that: In this meeting, representatives discussed their concerns and suggestions for better participation in and reflection of the programme. Coordination between institutions and the preparation of a comprehensive cultural supplement to exploit this cultural program were among the other requests of most of the representatives present at this meeting.

The spokesperson for the Cultural Commission in the House of Representatives raised the need to provide cheap tourist packages for participation and anticipation to raise the morale of the team, with a focus on supporting the national football team and the technical preparation of the team. Representatives present at this meeting raised other issues for fans at the World Cup.

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