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Corona in the world / 1424 people died in the past 24 hours + changes table

According to Transparent, the latest global statistics from the “WorldDometer” database since this morning, 533 million and 578 thousand and 589 people were infected with the Corona virus (Covid 19), of whom 6 million 315 thousand 786 people died, and they were missing. .

Of the total number of patients in the world, 504 million 544 thousand 484 have been cured and they are able to overcome this disease.

The number of cases in the United States, which has the highest number of cases in the world, increased from 95.04 in the past 24 hours to a total of 8,6146,955. So far, 1,332,410 Americans with Covid 19 have died in the country.

India is the second largest country in the world after the United States with an increase of 4,139 cases in the past 24 hours, reaching 4,3165.738 cases and 641 deaths this year. The effect of coronary heart disease.

Brazil, the third country in the world with 979 injuries during the past 24 hours, with 666 thousand and 848 deaths in this country, and the total number of infected people reached 31 million to 60 thousand and 17 people. coronary heart disease;

In France, Germany, England, Russia and South Korea 29 million 545 thousand 397, 26 million 422 thousand 135, 22 million 305 thousand 893, 18 million 335 thousand 514 and 18 million 129. 1313 people are in fourth to eighth place. the scientist.

Italy comes in ninth and tenth places globally, with 17 million, 440 thousand, 232 cases, and Turkey, 15 million and 72,747 cases.

In terms of the number of improved countries, the United States, India and Brazil ranked third with 82 million, 303 thousand, 90, 42 million, 620 thousand, 394, 30 million, 38 thousand and 200 countries, respectively.

The table below shows recent changes in the number of patients, deaths and coronary heart disease worldwide (in the last hour):

Corona Virus,

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