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These factors cause the brain to shrink

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There are parts of our body or face that we want to make smaller, but the brain is definitely not one of them. The Eatthis website lists the causes of brain shrinkage:

Extra coffee: There is no harm in drinking two or three cups of coffee a day. But some of us do not give up on this drink and drink large cups of it several times a day. Australian scientists have confirmed that people who drink more than 6 cups of coffee per day are 53% more likely to develop dementia, which leads to a decrease in brain volume.

Lack of physical activity: This is another evidence of the benefits of exercise for our health. If your life lacks moderate physical activity such as walking or swimming, the risk of brain volume loss is higher.

Extreme stress: In 2018, a study was published that showed that people suffer from memory impairment due to constant stress. High levels of the stress hormone cortisol negatively affect brain function and brain size.

Hearing loss: A 2014 study by Johns Hopkins University scientists found that people with hearing loss experience more rapid brain shrinkage. If treatment is done and these people use hearing aids, a phenomenon such as rapid brain drying is not observed, but in the absence of sound stimuli, hearing impaired people train their brains less and suffer from constant stress, which leads to their deterioration.

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