Do you know what can be fixed in the refrigerator?

Refrigerator is one of the essential appliances of today’s life. With the failure of even a small part of this device, it becomes impossible to store food, drink cold water and eat fresh and healthy food. A refrigerator of any brand is an expensive device. In addition to the high price, some models use special, advanced technologies. These two problems made us all be very careful to get this device fixed and choose a repairer.

Getting help from a novice repairman or using substandard parts can cause serious and costly damage to your equipment. To avoid such a situation, it is better to familiarize yourself with the main and fixable problems of the device and the characteristics of a good repairman.

A repairman who, in addition to his skill and accuracy in the performance of his job, uses original and high-quality spare parts and takes into account the fairness of receiving repairs. Online repair services can also be an alternative option for the repairman as long as they have the right support and guarantee their services. Many sites currently offer these services and Wrench is one of them.

You can refer to Acharbaz website which has selected the best specialized people to provide services to you, to order a repairman online. In continuation of this article, join us to learn about the salable items in the refrigerator and the characteristics of a good repairman.

What items can be fixed in the refrigerator?

Recognizing the signs of refrigerator failure and the possibility of its repair will help you diagnose and repair serious malfunctions at the earliest.

  • Engine and body overheating:

This may be due to incorrect adjustment of the thermostat, compressor malfunction, refrigerant leakage and pressure drop. Overheating of the body and the engine is dangerous and can lead to a combustion of the device, so the problem must be solved immediately.

  • The refrigerator is not cold:

The first and most important reason for the refrigerator not being cold is the problem of the thermistor turning on. Failure of this component causes the temperature to not be detected correctly. Problems with the air damper and the operation of the plate are other reasons why the refrigerator is not cold.

  • Freezing food in the refrigerator:

Sometimes the refrigerator is so cold that the food freezes. In this case, first check the temperature of your choice so that it is not too low. Other causes of this problem include refrigerator thermistor failure, capacitor coil dust, and in some cases, board failure.

  • Water leakage from the refrigerator:

In this case, the drain pipe or drain tray is broken due to the impact and must be replaced.

  • Excessive machine noise while working:

There are several reasons for the unusual sound of the refrigerator. Improper appliance alignment, fan problem, compressor piping or condenser coil failure, condenser fan or evaporator motor failure can also cause this problem to occur. To solve this problem, you must first pay attention to which part of the device generates the additional sound. If the sound is from the refrigerator, the problem is with the evaporator fan. It should be noted that the excessive noise of the refrigerator is a serious warning of the failure of one of the important parts of the device.

  • Freezing tubes behind the refrigerator:

The tubes behind the refrigerator carry the coolant of the device to different parts, and therefore they play an important role in the proper functioning of the refrigerator. Freezing of these tubes is a sign that the defrost timer, thermostat, or defrost heater has failed.

  • Defrost the refrigerator:

The causes of this problem include: looseness of the freezer door rubber, excessive opening and closing of the refrigerator, failure of the defrost timer and non-standard installation of the refrigerator.

These are just a few of the frills that can be fixed in refrigerators. But as mentioned, apart from the fact that the refrigerator and freezer is one of the most important household appliances, its breakdown can also harm the health of food. Serving your refrigerator and freezer side by side can help identify minor issues with your appliance, and this will resolve many issues before they become a serious problem and you won’t need to replace refrigerator parts. If you feel that the cold inside the refrigerator has decreased, or the number of automatic shutdown times of the refrigerator has changed or increased, or the freezer is thawing or the food is not completely frozen and the ice will open soon, you should get the help of a repairman.

Wrench, a successful home appliance repair site with a team of experts

This time we will describe the important features of an online home appliance repair system, rather than those of a skilled repairman; Because these systems, little by little, have replaced traditional repair shops by attracting skilled personnel and providing better services. The wrench is one of the online systems for repairing electrical appliances in Iran. Given the volume of orders and customer feedback, it must be said that this system, like houzz, has been successful in its work; That is why, in this article, instead of the characteristics of an experienced repairman, we are examining the characteristics of a wrench as an online repair site.

Receiving services from this system has many benefits for customers. One such benefit is the provision of on-site electrical repair and service services. This feature, especially in the case of electrical appliances such as large and heavy refrigerators, prevents physical shock to the appliance during transportation. On the other hand, this feature allows to do all the steps of device repair in your presence and with full supervision.

Another feature of the key is the support team that accompanies you through the registration process at all stages and answers questions and ambiguities.

All wrench repairers must explain the cost of repairs, parts required and work steps to the customer before starting to repair the machine, and they will start work if he agrees to the declared price.

Sharabaz chooses his forces from among professional, committed and ethical people and has strict rules for cooperating with them. One of the most important principles of a wrench is to protect customers’ privacy and security; For this reason, the customer can be sure that the device is repaired at his place of residence.

The service time in this system is chosen by the customer and the repairmen should visit the place only during the hours possible for the customers. After repairs, all services performed are guaranteed so that customers can be assured of services.

Like the main guide, Wrench also has apps and web apps, and you can easily register your app at any time by installing the app on your mobile phone.

Of course, if for any reason it is not possible to register an online application, you can call the number of this company and register your application by phone.

Source: Do you know what can be fixed in the refrigerator?

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