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According to a reporter on the Internet, Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami said in the session of the administrative council of Semnan province, on Saturday evening, that the agents of the system should have five elements with them: cultivation and piety, a vision of merit, law and the rule of law. And the people and the Islamic system. One of the most important characteristics of the agents of the regime is that they must fulfill the legal demands of the people by abandoning partisan orientation, avoiding partisan games, and knowing that they are the true trustees of the position of martyrs and do not hesitate to perform their religious and religious duties.

He stated that managers are always expected to defend the Islamic system in their behavior and words, and added: We should not forget that today the greatest honor is to serve the Islamic system, and this should be at the head of the affairs of those who have it. responsible.

A member of the Guardian Council and the Presidium of the Council of Leading Experts said that officials and managers should put serving the people at the top of their affairs, because people are guardians of your blessings, and he said: A system depends on the performance of officials close to them, so they must serve the people who supported the system in all fields.

Khatami stated that those responsible in the sacred system of the Islamic Republic should always try to increase insight and respond to doubts, and explained: An employee of the Islamic system should always be supportive of the Islamic system and try to spread it.

He stated that the presence of someone who opposes the regime as an employee is not in the interest of the country, and added: This issue leads to disruption and destruction, so it cannot be good.

A member of the Guardian Council and the Presidential Committee of the Council of Experts Leaders mentioned that the province of Semnan is located on the path of the shrine to the shrine and said: It must be taken into account that the service of the pilgrims of Samen al-Aymah brings great rewards. This is a blessing for this Line It is considered.

Khatami said that Nowruz Eid is with Ya prank heartsAnd it begins with the remembrance of God, and he added: This is one of the main differences between the celebration of Nowruz in Iran and other countries, that Nowruz in the White House is a holiday of anger and neglect of God, but for us it is full. Remembering God and his peace.

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