Final Explanations on the Bread Card Issuance

The Minister of Economic and Financial Affairs says that contrary to some rumors and speculation, the government has no plan to issue bread cards.

According to the informants, Ihsan Khandoji said at the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council: So far, there has been no discussion in the Government Economic Council regarding the distribution of bread cards and there is no plan in this regard. Instead, selling bread to families through bank cards became on the agenda.

He explained the details of this plan: In this plan, families can buy bread using their bank cards. Arrangements have also been made with the Central Bank so that the purchase of bread is not limited to the support card of the head of the family.

And the Finance Minister continued: In this way, all family members can buy bread using all the bank cards they have. Basic preparations have been made for this plan and the conditions for its implementation have been made in almost all cities of the country.

Khandoji referred to the president’s strong assertion and said: According to the order of Ayatollah Raisi, the price of bread for the people will not rise in any way this year.

Referring to the government’s policy of subsidy reform, he said: In this policy, we have not only reformed prices, and there is more structural reform on the agenda. An important part of the government’s goals is to overcome monopoly, improve conditions for industrial firms, divert more commercial and financial savings to the private sector, and reduce the government’s presence in the region.

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