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Fire is a tragic event that occurs anywhere, it will cause loss of life and money. The greenhouse is an important and influential center of the economy, which will suffer a lot of damage in the event of an accident. Therefore, with greenhouse fire insurance, the amount of worries can be reduced. According to the statistics we see in newspapers and television, 50 fires a day cause various damages.

According to fire statistics, insurance companies have taken measures to compensate for the damages caused so that people are less worried about accidents. The amount of coverage and risks in the contract will be determined according to the priorities of the insurance company.

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greenhouse fire insurance

How important is insurance for a greenhouse?

Before concluding a partnership agreement on greenhouses, one must take into account the clause on insurance. Insurance means that in an insurance contract, both parties, the insured and the insured, are obligated to perform a series of duties. By receiving the premium from the insurance company, the insurance company undertakes to compensate the damages within the limits of its obligations. In the partnership contract on greenhouses for agricultural products, the construction of greenhouses, greenhouse personnel and structures can be included in the insurance contract against greenhouse fires.

Fire insurance benefits

Fire insurance is generally divided into different categories that can provide different coverages in each of these situations. Purchasing fire insurance for commercial and administrative property and offices can offset costs arising from various accidents to the extent of the insurance company’s obligations. We know that in addition to the products and equipment found in greenhouses, there are still some things for which it is better to buy fire insurance. In general, you can use the fire insurance benefits of greenhouses and commercial buildings to prevent a fire disaster. These advantages include:

  • Cover the cost of replacing or repairing equipment damaged in a fire accident
  • Accidental foot coverage for families (of course, this coverage is for special cases)
  • Cover the cost of fire damaged inventory

What does fire insurance cover?

In general, fire insurance policies are selected in accordance with the contract and the priorities of the insurance company; But three main coverages are taken for this insurance policy, which are mentioned as the main risks in the insurance policy. These main risks are:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Lightning

Any insurance policy can change the insurance policy rates in accordance with the contract and provisions made between the insurer and the insurer.

There are some risks and accidents that are added to the contract depending on the choice of the insurance company and that are associated with paying higher insurance premiums. This type of coverage is called secondary peril, which can be covered depending on the location and item insured, namely:

  • Waste from snow and rain
  • Theft by breaking the amulet
  • broken glass
  • Landslides and subsidence
  • UFO collision
  • industrial pressure vessel explosion
  • floods and floods
  • Earthquake
  • Storm and strong winds
  • Avalanche
  • Plane and helicopter crash
  • water pipe burst

In fact, the primary and secondary coverages of this insurance policy can be considered among the most important advantages of fire insurance.

greenhouse fire insurance coverage

The importance of greenhouse fire insurance

Greenhouse facilities, structures and buildings are among the items that must be safe against various hazards. Damage caused by accidents such as: earthquake, flood, storm or other situations to the greenhouse facilities, cause irreparable losses to the greenhouse. Greenhouse fire insurance is one solution to compensate for these damages to equipment, construction, and greenhouse-produced products.

What are the factors that affect the price of fire insurance?

Any insurance policy can change the insurance policy rates in accordance with the contract and provisions made between the insurer and the insurer. In fire insurance, various factors can change the price of this insurance policy, which include:

  • Building value
  • Additional risks
  • sub covers
  • Different terms of the insurance policy
  • Insurance company discounts
  • Amount of insured risk
  • Furniture value
  • The value of the insured property
  • Fixed capital insurance policy

Exclusions from greenhouse fire insurance coverage

Determines the level of risk for each risk of fire insurance coverage. The insurance company will increase the premium for some accidents according to the same amount of risk. To compensate for the higher risks, restrictions have been placed that central insurance does not allow coverage of certain accidents and risks, and will be referred to under the title of insurance exclusions. In fire insurance, this insurance policy will not cover some risks, which include:

  • Damage caused by the penetration of insects and vermin
  • Reconstruction costs and information gathering
  • volcano
  • Gold, diamonds and precious metals
  • Radioactive materials and sound waves
  • Consumption
  • Important papers and valuable documents
  • Artistic works, manuscripts and history
  • War, rebellion and civil war

What is meant by the amount of risk in greenhouse fire insurance?

According to the explanations given, the risks are covered by purchasing fire insurance with different levels of risk. The amount of risk is also an important factor in pricing an insurance policy. On the other hand, the amount of risk determines the insurance exclusions. According to the explanations given, you will notice that the amount of risk in the word can change the insurance policy. Therefore, we have two types of risks in greenhouse fire insurance, which are as follows:

Insured risks:

The conditions and characteristics of the insured are criteria for assessing and determining the amount of risk. For example: the risk level of a clothing warehouse is not the same as a greenhouse product warehouse. According to this example, the higher the risk of the insured, the higher the premium from the insurance company.

Insured Site Risks:

Environmental conditions have an impact on accident risk and are investigated. For example: if the insured item is in high-traffic areas, it will be more dangerous than the insured item in low-traffic areas, and as a result, the premium will increase.

Buying fire insurance

We all know that some accidents are unpredictable and can cause serious damage. It is enough to connect only one electrical wire in the greenhouse and cause a fire, as well as failure of the device. This accident causes a lot of damage, and in these cases it is better to use the greenhouse fire insurance coverage to compensate for the damage up to the limits of the insurance company’s obligations.

The importance of purchasing fire insurance is clear at this time and you should purchase this insurance policy before the accident occurs.

Buy the cheapest greenhouse fire insurance

In general, according to the central insurance laws, by purchasing fire insurance, you can compensate for damage to residential houses, shops, warehouses, warehouses, factories, various products and greenhouses. As mentioned at the beginning of the text, the purpose of purchasing fire insurance is determined at the request of the insurance company, and the insurer can choose additional coverages and risks for his insurance policy so that more risks are compensated for in this insurance policy. You can buy fire insurance from, please refer to the following link:

Given that purchasing fire insurance requires a short period of time, we suggest that instead of going to insurance sales offices in person, you can go to online platforms to buy insurance like in order to save your time and energy. The terms of comparison between insurance companies will also be provided to you.

Also, in order to be able to purchase greenhouse fire insurance in a short time and at a reasonable price, it is best to visit

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