Why is the refrigerator running all the time?

What is the reason for the refrigerator engine running all the time and how to solve the problem?

Why is the refrigerator running all the time? Is there a broken part? Do you need a refrigerator repairman to check the refrigerator? These may be the questions that occupied your mind. The refrigerator is one of the most important and essential household appliances. The invention of the refrigerator was a necessity for our current world and our lifestyle and even the type and method of shopping has faced serious changes. In normal mode, the refrigerator compressor should run automatically and it should stop beeping every few minutes. If the refrigerator motor is running perfectly and its sound does not stop; It should be diagnosed by a professional refrigerator repair technician. In this article, we will examine the reasons why your refrigerator works; If you want to know the main causes of this problem, stay with us.

According to Technogil, in order to understand why the refrigerator works all the time, of any model, you need to know how the refrigerator works and what does it mean to work all the time? First of all, it must be said that the refrigerator and freezer operate in the same basic air conditioning system in your home or car. A closed-loop refrigerant absorbs heat and moisture from internal storage compartments (mostly in freezers) and passes through a series of coils, dissipating the heat into the air. By changing the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid, the compressor enables heat transfer and the process repeats. What you hear when your refrigerator is running is the compressor motor doing its thing.

But the question is, what are the factors that cause the refrigerator to stop working, or why does the refrigerator work at all? Refrigerators also contain various components such as thermostats, timers, overload switches, and fans to make the cooling process easier and keep everything working properly. Together, these components make the cooling process and the operation of the refrigerator possible, so you see the refrigerator turning on and off in a certain period of time. If the components are not working properly, you will see in some cases that the refrigerator does not turn off and fully function, which needs to be fixed. in the article Reasons for failure of the refrigerator We have also explained these things that may help you in fixing your refrigerator.

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11 The reason why the refrigerator is running all the time

refrigerator It is rightfully one of the most important household items, and its damage can cause great inconvenience to all family members. Also, this situation will lead to significant costs; Because even the most common and simple refrigerator repairs are very expensive. At the same time, the malfunction is easy to detect, because any violation in the operation of the device emits a special signal.

Yes, it is true that your refrigerator needs to work in order to keep the contents inside it properly, but when it is constantly working and at the same time your utility bills are going up and this is where the question arises, why is the refrigerator motor running all the time and what do you do? If you are wondering why my refrigerator is running all the time and not turning off, there could be several reasons. This usually happens during the warmer months of the year, especially in sunny or warm rooms, so let’s see what are some of the common causes and solutions you might want to try to solve the problem if necessary.

Putting the refrigerator in the wrong place

The number one reason why a refrigerator and freezer may not work at all is because they are in the wrong place. It is recommended to place the refrigerator in the kitchen away from heat-generating appliances such as gas stoves, water heaters or containers. It should also be noted that the refrigerator should not be exposed to the sun or any sunny place. These things make the fridge run constantly to keep itself cool. This happens especially in the hot seasons.

Also note that the refrigerator has a suitable distance from the wall so that the compressor can easily transfer its heat to the outside environment. Also note that if the kitchen is exposed to sunlight, place the refrigerator in another environment or use a curtain to prevent the sun from penetrating the environment. article The right place for the refrigerator in the kitchen You can read more about this.

Compressor failure

The second reason for the refrigerator and freezer to work continuously is the failure of the compressor. In fact, home refrigerators have a very complex structure consisting of many technical parts and units. One of them is a compressor that circulates the air inside and cools it evenly.

Accordingly, in a situation where the equipment is often turned on and off, the reason for the proper functioning of the refrigerator is the compressor itself. In most cases, the failure of the refrigerator is due to a faulty compressor. The refrigerator compressor or refrigerator motor is not working properly for several reasons, one of which is its coil failure. Another reason is the weakness of the compressor itself. In any case, you need to fix the file. Finally, you should ask an expert to replace the compressor.

No fridge gas

The third reason why your fridge is running all the time is because your fridge is low on gas. A refrigerant is a chemical gas that has a very low vaporization point and condenses to cool the surrounding air. It undergoes repeated processes of evaporation and condensation, as a result, all its heat is removed and the temperature inside the refrigerator cools.

In the 20th century, fluorocarbons, especially CFCs, were commonly used gases in refrigerators. But over time, it has disappeared mainly due to the effect of ozone layer depletion. Currently, R134 gas is used for regular refrigerators and R600 gas for side-by-side models. Reducing these gases disrupts the cooling process in the refrigerator and is ultimately the reason why the refrigerator does not work at all. To solve this problem, you must go to a reputable fridge and freezer repair center to recharge the gas.

Defrost timer failed

The fourth reason why the refrigerator is running all the time is the failure or partial failure of the defrost timer. The main function of the defrost timer is actually to activate the defrosting or defrosting of the refrigerator. In modern and advanced refrigerators, solid state circuits are used to control the defrost cycle, but in older refrigerators, they use this timer to control the defrost system. The timer is nothing more than a motorized clock that controls the cooling and defrosting process.

If this cycle is damaged, there will be a problem and eventually you will notice that the refrigerator is running continuously. To solve this problem, this part must be repaired or replaced. It is best not to replace this timer yourself as it is one of its internal parts and special equipment will be required to repair or replace it.

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Also, another thing to check as to why the fridge is running all the time; This timer item is disabled. If the element is not working properly, the defrost cycle will not be executed and frost will build up in the refrigerator and the cooling power of the refrigerator will decrease. In this case, the engine must run continuously and uniformly to be able to provide coolness.

Dirty capacitor coilthecapacitor

Another reason why the refrigerator is running continuously can be found in the condenser and its coils being dirty. One of the important parts of the refrigerator is the condenser, which is also known as the condenser. This piece is a heat exchanger. Dirtiness of the condenser and its coils prevents heat exchange and eventually the heat will be properly removed from the refrigerator. This causes the heat to remain in the gas returning to the refrigerator, and the refrigerator operates continuously to provide the required cold.

This part can be seen on the back of the refrigerator as small parallel tubes. To prevent them from getting damaged, you should have a monthly cleaning schedule and after unplugging the refrigerator, clean off any dust and lint with a damp cloth.

Refrigerator door rubber fails

Another reason for your refrigerator’s motor to run continuously, which may seem simple and small but has a huge impact, is the wear and tear of its door rubber. In fact, this rubber acts as a protector so that the cold does not transfer from the inside of the refrigerator to the outside and the heat will penetrate into it. A breakdown of this frame causes heat to enter the refrigerator continuously and the compressor to operate continuously to keep the refrigerator at a normal temperature.

To avoid this problem, it is best to have a program for cleaning the rubber so that food and drink residue does not create a gap between the door and the rubber when it is closed. Also, if you want to know whether or not your refrigerator really works all the time due to broken tires, use the A4 paper test. For this purpose, put a new bill or banknote so that it is half outside on the door and close it. If you can pull the sheet off easily, that’s a sign the tire is damaged and you need to change the tire sooner.

Sensor or thermostat failure. The reason for the continuous operation of the refrigerator

When you set your refrigerator to a certain temperature, you are actually instructing the sensors and thermostat to turn off the refrigerator’s compressor if the set temperature is reached. When the thermostat’s temperature detection sensor is faulty or defective for any reason, it does not detect the temperature and does not cut off the power supply. In this case, your refrigerator may be working properly in terms of cooling, but due to a malfunction of the thermostat sensor the temperature cannot be detected, which is why the refrigerator is fully operational. If your food is frozen in the refrigerator, the thermostat should be checked.

The refrigerator compartment door is damagedtheOld

In regular refrigerators and freezers and slightly older models, the main reason your refrigerator works at all is damage to the freezer door. In fact, normal and old refrigerators have two parts and the main part of the refrigerator. If the door of a compartment in the refrigerator is damaged, the coolness from this compartment is transferred to the main compartment. If this happens, you will notice that the food in the refrigerator has been frozen, and in addition, the refrigerator motor must run continuously so that the refrigerator does not lose its temperature. In this case, you have to do the same to replace the door.

Opening and closing the refrigerator door continuously

One of the important problems that cause the refrigerator to work continuously is the opening and closing of its door constantly. This will cause heat to penetrate from the outside of the refrigerator, and in this case, you will see the motor running constantly to make up for the lost coolness. For this reason, it is recommended that if you need different foods, take them out of the refrigerator at once and not keep opening and closing the door.

bugs in refrigerator main board

The refrigerator motor runs all the time: The reason why the refrigerator works all the time can be found in board and sensor problems. The refrigerator board and sensors are very important parts in today’s models. This part makes it possible to constantly check the temperature inside the refrigerator and freezer, and if it has reached the ideal state, the compressor will be given the command to shut down and rest for a while. The refrigerator sensor has a very high sensitivity and the smallest thing that disrupts its operation will affect the overall cooling of the refrigerator.

If you are using new generations of refrigerators and freezers in your home and the process of turning them on and off is not done automatically, the sensor must be checked, especially it must be done by a repairman so that the cause of the refrigerator’s work is detected all the time and repairs are made. You must do this to win it

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