What are the ways to develop trade relations between Iran and Pakistan?

In the meeting between the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the President of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce in the Pakistani city of Karachi, ways to develop trade relations for the private sector between the two countries were discussed and investigated, referring to concentration and monopoly. In trade between Iran and Iran. Pakistan.

According to the informants, at this meeting held in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, the people and economic activists of the two countries discussed such important issues as the lack of familiarity with the production capacity, goods and services of the two parties, the existence of some contacts and trade. Monopolies, reducing commercial delegations due to Corona, developing cooperation in releasing the need for demonstrations, and increasing attention to border crossings.

Referring to the volume of trade exchanges between Iran and Pakistan, Nourian said: The unofficial trade between the two countries is very large and many Iranian products are exchanged for riyals in the Pakistani market. In addition, the trade and smuggling of goods takes place through third countries, and the actual figures of trade between the two countries are estimated to be higher than the official figures.

The Iranian Consul General in Karachi added: There are long discussions about settling trade relations between the two countries, and in this regard, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Zahedan Chamber of Commerce and the Quetta Chamber of Commerce, but nothing. It happened. In terms of implementation, something special is still happening and needs attention.” More efforts should be made in this area.

He described concentration and monopoly as one of the problems facing the development of trade between the two countries and stressed that the active presence of the Tehran Chamber and the Iran Chamber can develop trade by concentrating in the border areas and cause more prosperity for official relations. between two countries

Hassan Norian added: The ignorance of the peoples of the two countries and economic activists of each other’s capabilities is the main reason for the low level of trade exchanges between Iran and Pakistan. For example, high-quality Pakistani fabrics are sold in the Iranian market under the name of Turkish fabrics, and we know for sure that people are very satisfied with the quality, but importers are reluctant to say that these fabrics are produced in Pakistan.

The Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karachi, referring to the holding of an exhibition in Karachi in the first week of January this year, called on the Pakistani Chambers of Commerce to make the necessary preparations for the presence of the largest number of Iranian companies. Finally, he pointed to the activation of the Raydan border crossing near Chabahar and the direct road to Karachi. he is

According to the Tehran Chamber website, at this meeting, the head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, referring to the trip of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce delegation in the winter of 2017 and before the spread of the Corona virus, said that the Tehran Chamber is fully prepared to receive the delegation of the Pakistani Chamber of Commerce, including Karachi. Masoud Khansari stressed that he will continue to develop the issue of purification between the two countries through the Iran Chamber.

He suggested holding several webinars in the Tehran Chamber with Indian private sector enterprises and emphasized that this approach is viable and that the Tehran Chamber is ready to improve the knowledge and awareness of economic activists from both sides on Pakistan. Conducting webinars with Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and economic activists.

Masoud Khansari said: The issue of the presence of Tehran, Iran Chamber and private sector companies in the Karachi fair will be followed up. Karachi Chamber of Commerce will also send an official invitation to send a business delegation to Tehran.

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