Factories in Tehran Province were not closed for one day during the Corona days due to the presence of the Basij

Informants / Tehran The head of the Basij Workers and Factories Organization in Tehran Province, referring to the various Basij schemes, said: The factories of Tehran Province did not close for a day with the presence of Basij.

Colonel Mahdi Alamdar congratulated all the workers and businessmen in Tehran province on the evening of Saturday, May 1, on the sidelines of a conference honoring the families and workers of exemplary businessmen, managers and martyrs of Tehran’s Basij. Basij Week said: May 5-11 is Labor Day, and this week celebrates entrepreneurs, managers, factories with BCGs and all those who help in one way or another in solving production and labor problems.

He said that 150 weekly programs are being planned, noting that these programs include several important programs, including honoring the families of the martyrs, the smell of martyrs, 1401, and the introduction of the work index today. The conference honoring entrepreneurs, managers, families of martyrs and workers is an example of mobilization.

The commander of the Basij factories in Tehran province said that the roles have always been different, and he said: “Apart from the activities that took place in the Corona issue during the revolution and before the revolution, the mobilization of factories played several roles simultaneously.” The first issue is the disinfection of the company complex and its equipment and the introduction of employee and worker health monitoring systems to prepare loyalty assistance packages at the worker and off-complex level.

Al-Nader stressed: In the Corona region, jihadist groups played a major role in purifying the industrial cities built in the Workers’ Mobilization Complex, which is another major achievement that the media did not pay much attention to. All the restrictions of corona in the country, but the huge factories that produce the main and strategic products of the country, were not closed for a single day with the efforts of a competent manager.

He said: “This year, with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, we have the support of the believers.”

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