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According to an online reporter, Ahmed Bonavi On Tuesday evening, the rescue maneuver (zero hour) was summarized and reported at the transportation hub adjacent to the delegation. Dalky He said: The primary purpose of conducting this exercise is to identify deficiencies and problems in the field of road accident relief, which must be addressed immediately.

In addition to a positive assessment of the maneuver and the timely availability of rescue equipment, the governor of Dashistan asked the technical working group under the administration of the deputy governor of the civil service to identify the blind contact points of the city’s transport hubs and take the necessary measures for this. Fix them. by technicians To bring Information and communication became the province.

Bonavi Reminder: to remove the notification process for relief tools and else Help avoid wasting time in times of crisis.

He said, “The level of equipment and equipment of all city fire departments should be checked with the civil agent of the governor and the experts of the crisis headquarters of the province, and in the coming days all the mayors of the city should be examined. It should be owned by Dishistan.” 10 days to modify all emergency and firefighting equipment and facilities as per the standard.

The governor of Dagestan asked the province’s emergency headquarters to train the city’s fire department within the next month.

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