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According to an online reporter, Sardar Ramadan underwear In a meeting with Basij fishermen in Bushehr province, this evening, Saturday, he said that fisheries is one of the most important strengths in Bushehr province, and workers in this sector should be given the necessary support.

He explained that the fishermen of Bushehr province face many problems in various fields, explaining that the fishermen are among the most diligent people and face many problems in their livelihood.

The Commander of the Second Fleet of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps stressed and continued the efforts of all officials to improve the standard of living of fishermen, and pointed out: Officials should seriously pursue the fishermen’s livelihood issues and their problems.

The problem of securing fishermen must be solved

He considered fishing insurance one of the main issues and problems and added: Some fishing piers in Bushehr province are deprived of the minimum facilities and this situation is unacceptable.

Sardar underwear Among the other demands of the fishermen of Bushehr province, he mentioned the expansion of plans to develop fishing piers, and added: Increasing engine power and increasing fishing time are other demands.

Organize unknown boats

He said: Another demand is to update the fishing laws adopted in the past decades and to take the necessary measures to solve the problem of settling unknown boats.

The commander of the second area of ​​the Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said: The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy will use all its power to provide services to citizens, especially the marine fishing community.

Basij hunters were honored at this ceremony.

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