The Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps defeats the arrogance of the world in the Persian Gulf

According to an online reporter, Sardar Ramadan Gerahi said Friday night at the Persian Gulf Martyrs Memorial in Bushehr: Martyr Mahdavi and his comrades were martyred after delivering heavy blows to the Americans in the Gulf War.

He pointed out that the Gulf War was one of the biggest conflicts with the Americans, and added: Martyr Mahdavi and his companions were martyred in a direct conflict with the United States by destroying their American helicopter.

The commander of the Second Division in the Revolutionary Guards Navy said: Martyr Nader Mahdavi and his companions, Martyr Gholamhossein Tavasoli, Pasdar Bijan, Nasrallah Shafi, Abslani, Muhammadiha and Majid Mubaraki, succeeded in shooting down their homemade helicopter.

Al-Jarhi said that the enemy received a fatal blow in this operation: the martyr Nader Mahdavi and his companions crushed the arrogance and arrogance of the world in the Persian Gulf with this operation.

He said, “Today, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ freedom has a high defensive, offensive and deterrent capability, and the equipment capacity of this force has increased in the areas of missiles, drones, navigation, operations and information.”

A ceremony was held in Bushehr to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the martyrs of Nader Mahdavi and his comrades, the martyrs of direct combat operations with the United States in the Persian Gulf, in the presence of the commander of the Navy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Martyr Nader Mahdavi, commander of the Zulfiqar fleet, and eight of his comrades were martyred in direct conflict with the United States on 16 Online 1366.

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