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Safiullah said in an interview with Keramati Online: The infiltration of walnut soil in Zinzhen County will close Zanzin County offices and schools tomorrow.

He said, “Due to the seriousness of the dust and air quality index, the meeting of the emergency working group on air pollution was held on Tuesday, June 23, and all educational centers (universities, technical, professional, scientific) were closed, and exams were closed until another.” Today’s info

The director of Zanzhen County Crisis Management said: All morning and evening activities of all schools in the county have been closed, internal exams for all grades and sixth grade have been canceled and an appointment has been set. School principal announces.

Karamati emphasized: According to the air pollution emergency, the activities of government departments and agencies, except for medical, health, treatment, banking and emergency services, will be launched by the army and law enforcement agencies from Tuesday, June. 23.

He said the quality mask should be distributed by the municipality among service forces and the pious, free from any cultural and social programme, conference or programme, including military and law enforcement forces. closed.

Municipalities have closed construction and road construction activities that exacerbate air pollution within the city.

The Director of the Crisis Management of Zanzin Province said: “Any outdoor and indoor sports activity is prohibited, and the province’s radio and television must broadcast the health dimensions of air pollution in coordination with the medical sciences and health services of the university.”

Karamati explained: Emergency services should be prepared in many parts of the city and the activity of the granulating and galvanizing units in the city on June 12.

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