When Saif becomes an expert in foreign exchange on radio and television

The topic of today’s economics table is devoted to the “currency management experience” and the former head of the Central Bank of Vale. Saif was a guest and expert on this segment of the economics schedule.

Instagram Plus: This has happened a lot and sometimes we have seen a person who does not adhere to certain principles, but calls others to follow these principles.

At the end of December 1999, a new section titled “Economic Bureau” was added to the news section at 14:00 of Channel One to investigate economic issues and problems in society. invite experts in this field.

The topic of the Economic Bureau today, News 14, is devoted to “currency management experiences,” but … Saif, the former head of the Central Bank, was a guest and expert in this section of the Economic Bureau.

There is no doubt that expressing an expert opinion on currency policies and the value of the dollar these days is the duty and expectation of all audiences of these media, but Saif’s presence; The man who had notable turnover in 1995 and 1996 is a forgotten side of his resume.

Of course but… Saif was in the special court to deal with the turmoil in the financial system due to the malpractice of the management period in the Central Bank which was run by the cruel Mehrad of the Tehran Prosecutor and Revolutionary Office. Send the file. 92-97) for the special court to deal with the imbalance of the financial system, according to the Public Prosecutor of Al-Qasi Online in Tehran, as a result of irregularities and shortcomings of the former central bank chief, in addition to the imbalance of the financial system 30 billion and 200 million dollars in foreign exchange resources and 60 tons of Gold and destroy the jewel.

Presenting the latest case of foreign exchange arbitration by senior government officials during the period 1995-1997, Al-Qassemehr said: “During the years 1995-1997, laws related to the country’s monetary system were violated, but legal duties were fulfilled.” It was required to approve a budget Currency and payment of foreign currency resources to those in real need, and the sale of gold coins in the Money and Credit Council was not even observed to prevent the creation of an intermediary market and brokerage for these resources. . One of the most important cases dealt with by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran, and we sent the case to court with an indictment, was the issue of foreign currency interference.

It seems that Seif’s presence in the Economic Table Program under the heading of currency management expertise is more than the transfer of management expertise. Conveying the experience of lack of management is the story of those who do not follow the principles themselves, but invite others to adhere to the same principles and values.

Of course, it goes without saying; Although the price of the currency has risen in the past few days, the change of the central bank manager and the entry of the Nimai coin into the market has somewhat leveled the air, and according to most financial sector activists, this is a positive move in the market. In order to manage the currency of the country, therefore; Even if we were to ignore Sword of Punishment’s request in the Special Court dealing with turmoil in the financial system, the prejudices about the management of the new currency are unprofessional and unprofessional.

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