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Abdal Majeed daraki Speaking with online reporters, he mentioned that the public and private sector’s recruitment capabilities were revealed to the public in 15 booths, and said: In this exhibition, excellent production capabilities and job creation, including embroidered bags, leather, and leather were painting. Sewing, welding, smart building, precision tools, electronics, flower arranging, carpentry, carpets Al ShahbaRefrigeration repairs are indicated.

Referring to the programs of the National Skills Week, the Director General of Technical and Vocational Education for Bushehr Province said: This week, from July 10 to August 15, Friday prayers were held in Bushire.

daraki He considered that the service office responds to people’s demands and demands, and said: In this technical and vocational training program, skills training is provided according to the assessment of the needs of economic and local institutions.

Referring to the launch of the Bushehr Province Trainees’ Achievements Exhibition, he said: In order to acquaint people, especially families, with skills training activities and the trainees’ achievements, the Bushehr Province Trainees’ Achievements Exhibition was launched.

daraki The National Skills Week is a great opportunity to learn about skills and use them to empower the community, and he said: The purpose of holding this exhibition is to explain the role and place of technical and vocational training, to familiarize the different sections of society with skills training. Its role is to create sustainable jobs in Bushehr Province.

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