The best option for a domestic flight; Kish tour

These days, traveling to Kish is very popular, as it is a beach town that is both chic and trendy. In fact, traveling to Kish Island is an ideal option to replace traveling abroad with low cost. A trip to Kish Island is a luxury domestic trip that can be an ideal option to replace foreign trips at a lower cost. By booking a plane ticket to Kish and visiting the exciting places and attractions of Kish, you will visit the most beautiful island in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Kish, as the most important domestic and foreign tourist destination in southern Iran, receives more than a million tourists every year, and without a doubt, you have made an unforgettable trip for yourself and your family by booking the Kish Name Tour.

Considering the long distance and difficulty of the land roads, the best and easiest way to travel to Kish is undoubtedly by plane, and the price of a Kish tour depends entirely on the price of your plane ticket. Also, the price of Kish plane tickets varies greatly during the year and the change of plane ticket price depends on the peak and non-peak days, the volume of passengers and the holding of various exhibitions and concerts that are held on the island.

Our suggestion to reduce the cost of your trip to this destination is to book a Kish flight from airline agencies or charterers, and at the same time, this problem is very effective, especially in the case of Kish tour from Tehran, and it will be very important. Reduce your costs. It will go down and finally we suggest you book your desired tour by visiting the link below.

Among the beauty of this destination, we must say that the beautiful and unique island of Kish in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf has become the pearl of the Iranian islands and attracts every tourist with its diverse tourist areas. Great shopping malls, amazing entertainment venues, marinas and various beach parks are the features of this popular island.

Happy Nowruz tours of Kish Island and Kish Dolphin Park can be considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kish. This destination has a dolphin garden, bird garden, traditional dining room and amphitheater, and if you are interested in birds know that this complex contains many different species of rare birds. Also, the Greek ship, the sunken ship that stands out as a symbol of Kish, is located west of the island of Kish, and its original name is the Greek ship.

Do not miss cycling and motorbikes next to the beautiful beaches of Kish in Kish Spring Tour, because it is so fun and beautiful, spring weather and the joy of exciting sports with family and loved ones can be a great experience. On the beautiful island of Kish there are many healthy activities, including diving, but those who are afraid of diving can visit the Kish Aquatic Complex. Because there are approximately 70 species of decorative fish in the Kish Aquarium group, which are unique and remarkable in terms of the shape, color of the scales and beauty of appearance.

Then, if you choose spring vacation to travel to this destination, be sure to visit the modern and beautiful shopping centers of Kish, as they are among the tourist attractions of Kish. The pleasure of shopping is one of the pleasures of life these days, especially women, and of course many men are addicted to it. In Kish, you can experience the unique and unique pleasure of shopping; In the shopping centers of Kish you can find everything from insignificant consumer items to everything you would not think of, of course, at a reasonable and great price!

It’s not a bad thing to add a restaurant tour to the pleasures of Kish in Nowruz 1401 this year. Undoubtedly, this place is a kind of paradise for Del people, and you can order any kind of food you want in the restaurants here. If you are interested in eating local and seafood dishes, try Samak Mashavi, Margog or Margog: be sure to try fried rice or Fried rice, Mazrouba, Harees and Mashbous in Kish.

You can try these delicious and unique dishes at Koh Noor Restaurant, Padida Restaurant, Amo Akbar Restaurant, Royal Star Restaurant, Mir Muhanna Restaurant, Tutti Fruti Restaurant and Shebai Kish Restaurant, which are among the most important restaurants on this island. Also of course try Damon Kish food court and enjoy international cuisine.

Final conclusion

Also, you can now experience quality and peace at the highest level by choosing the tours offered for Kish 1401 tours from the name of the tour group, which includes diverse and affordable tours. People interested in participating in the Kish Tour can call our 5-digit phone number 021-49398 as well as visit the Nami Gosht homepage at Finally, fortunately, you can take advantage of the 24-hour support from a reputable tour agency along with your travel tour and experience an enjoyable trip.

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