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If you use violence against peaceful protests:
First: the protesters hold a grudge.
Secondly, their fear of your violence gradually disappears and these confrontations become normal for them.
Third, they are bold and proud.
Fourth, others will gradually join them.
Fifth, protests become institutionalized and fixed in everyone’s lives and become part of their daily lives and continue over time. Therefore, and contrary to perception, dealing with protesters and preventing their legal rights does not “focus” the protests, but rather “expands” them. In fact, you become a “duel” player who fights in the mud without weapons. “Duel in the dirt” is the most stable confrontation because neither of them destroys the other. It can be said that the wave wakes up if there is no collision. The answer could be:
First, expressing protest reduces anger and the possibility of delays in processing claims.
Second, non-confrontation increases the feeling of sympathy between the parties. In The Duel in the Mud, mercy is the right “solution” and violence is the “no solution”.
Third, the law does not prohibit peaceful protests.
Basically if you don’t want to make any changes to your blocking process. Good! In this case, you and your country know; this is
what should we do?
1. A radical long-term solution is a socio-political solution that opens an embrace for the political and cultural diversity of Iranians. I have already outlined many of the legal and policy solutions in this column. Here are some partial solutions:
2. Well-known platforms should stop blowing the trumpet of incitement and fanning the fire of hatred with empty slogans. These speeches anger most of the youth and make excuses for the perpetrators who are sitting behind the scenes. Do not activate the Mass Wound Ammo Depot. Your “motivating” speech only links the gunpowder of pain and wounds. You still don’t know what you’ve done to society. From field observations, it appears that “seriousness politics” is on the agenda. This policy, which manifests itself in the form of street disputes, may scare some people away from the campaign, but the most important harm is that it not only increases the “duplicity”, but also completely disgusts the “insider”. It rejects, or at least minimizes, the “collective solution” that the Islamic Republic has used so far to deal with protests with slow-moving tactics for the season of conflict. Abandoning people is dangerous for the state and order. Although it was expected
3. A large number of these young people are of the opposite sex. It must be known. It is filled with various hatreds and unspoken desires. There is gunpowder in the community. These barrels are connected. Try to meet the demands, not install the barrels. You’re not dealing with the team houses of ’60s ‘cult’ groups, isolated from society. And a large number of them are subjected to cultural pressures and in terms of the basic needs of life, and most importantly, they are associated with all classes and strata of society. Because they are in the family, the street and the market. Basically, his “intellectual” arsenal is a family. Don’t tempt them. Basically, you don’t know them. According to that administrator, you have analysis paralysis. Basically you can’t talk to them. You did not allow the civil forces to intervene except for others. For years, I have been seeing clips of teens and young adults in cyberspace filled with hate, anger, and violence. I was surprised that “apolitical” teens can be so violent. But now they are mixed together and what they have in common is a hatred of the status quo. One of the elements of its creation is the rude and absurd words of some speakers, which are widely distributed in cyberspace. The job of some of these speakers and platforms is “guerrilla training”. He himself is part of the problem and this is the fact that in official forums and on the radio he links barrels of gunpowder and raises the “horn of violence”.

4. We anticipate such days on a much larger scale for the era of devolution. It is not specific to this period and country. For some reason, after a long period of stability, there is a possibility of riots, violent anarchy, killing and looting during the “power-and-leadership turmoil”. What happened in these weeks showed what could happen in the distant future. If we are the people of example and prophecy.
5. What about the protesters? Of course, we do not have access to them and they do not hear or read our content. They are so diverse and unknown that we do not know what to say. We can only advise some civilized citizens who read our writings: try to avoid violence in family gatherings or online groups. Remind protesters of history. To avoid violence and separate your boundaries from the arsonists, start the “Enlightenment and Civility Movement to Prevent Violence When Youth and Teens Have the Right to Protest.” Each of us is certainly in contact with many teenagers and young adults and we can talk to them especially on social networks. Now that the official media space is in the hands of a few people and you don’t have access to the official media space, at least you can be effective in face-to-face or virtual conversations. It is important not to kill the wave of anger and hatred among young intellectuals. One of the main features of the demonstrators is their media influence from abroad. We should be able to warn them that their blood will not turn into dollar bills for some foreigner. Any disturbance or violence is a violation of intent and is useless. A 10-year-old is murdered, Kurdistan is bloodied, the family’s safe house is attacked in Kamyaran and Mahabad, or a young man is brutally murdered and his body falls to the ground. The topography of Karaj road defies any human being’s logic.
We must warn against Israel and America’s preparations, the end of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Azerbaijan’s rhetoric, Taliban neighborhood, Saudi Arabia’s chaos, Russia’s games, and everyone’s stupidity. ground for an all-out war against Iran. But first we must address this warning to our authorities.

* President of the Iranian Political Science Association


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