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Supporting the supply of currency to the Board of Trustees in the 1402 . budget

“Fortunately, the treatment expenses were covered in the budget of 1401,” said Hussain Ragai, representative of the Langan people in the Islamic Council, referring to the important role of the Board of Trustees in providing foreign currency, according to a transparent report. also considered appropriate to the needs of the country, and in 1402, we fully supported this institution as the representative of the people.

The representative of the people of Langan in the Islamic Council said: Organizations in charge of providing medical devices should take a special look at the Board of Trustees, because some licenses are the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, so it is this authority that determines the type of devices and whether they are household or not, there is a contradiction or there A difference of opinion between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health must be placed at the head of the affairs of the Ministry of Health in order to be resolved. some tools.

Referring to the establishment of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the first time in Langan City, he said: Fortunately, Shahd Langan Hospital and most of the equipment of the Neonatal Intensive Care Division were provided by the administration.

So far, various kinds of breathing equipment including digital radiology, ultrasound, ventilator, monitoring, syringe pump, various scope devices, baby incubator and auto-analyzer have been sent to Langan City.

Source: Young Journalists Club

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