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The need for careful investigation of new subsidiary lines from Amicron

Atsuo Hamada, a professor at Tokyo Medical University Hospital in Japan, said that if new amicron sublines emerge, they should be carefully monitored.

According to the informants, According to these experts, this summer Japan was hit by the seventh wave of coronavirus due to the spread of BA.5 microns. BA.5 has become the dominant subtype of coronavirus worldwide, and its overall prevalence is gradually decreasing.

According to experts, at the same time, due to the proliferation of BQ.1, BQ.2 and XBB Amicron substations, the number of Corona patients is gradually increasing all over the world.

Although it is not yet clear which subspecies will dominate in the future, the new strains show the ability to latch on to human cells and evade the system’s response, says a Tokyo Medical University Hospital professor who specializes in infectious diseases. Safety has also been improved.

According to Xinhua News Agency, experts said that even if new sub-branches emerge, they should be carefully examined. It remains to be investigated whether these subspecies can evade the immune response. And check the extent of infection and pathogens.

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