Marriage and childbearing should be the preoccupation of all officials

The Minister of Sports and Youth said: The authorities have certainly taken into account what the Supreme Leader of the Revolution has emphasized and warned in recent years, and taken several measures in this regard, but national determination and special attention should be given. It is indicated by all government agencies. The administration, the people and the society should take action on the problem of young population, and the marriage and procreation of young people should be the concerns of all the officials.

According to the informants and quoted from the news website of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, Syed Hamid Sajadi congratulated the wedding anniversary of Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) and Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) and the beginning of the Noqdish week in a letter. And the orders of Ayatollah Raisi in this ceremony came: We will follow the orders of the president and we will definitely follow these orders until we reach the result.

Noting that the commitment to youth affairs is an organizational cross and not the responsibility of the Ministry of Sports and Youth alone, he said: The main part of the youth affairs sub-category is planning, monitoring, monitoring and demanding specific rights in youth. things.

In the new period of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, we have a special look at women in the field of sports and youth, which is why there are so many contacts and vice presidents in women’s and family affairs. the doctor. I appreciate Khazali’s cooperation, interest, and support in all programs, decisions, and important matters in this field.

He continued: The Ministry of Sports and Youth has taken good and positive steps in the field of youth marriage in 10 months of serving the noble Iranian nation based on the above-mentioned documents and the document of the transformation of the people’s government. And, God willing, with God’s help and dependence on the second stage of the declaration of the revolution, we will head towards Islamic civilization.

The Minister of Sports and Youth referred to the Supreme Leader’s statements in July 2018 and said: The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution confirmed this issue in a video call with representatives of the Islamic Council in July 2018 in the Social Issues Department. He said that the issue of young people’s marriage is very important and one of the issues that should not be ignored, and he said: solutions must be found to facilitate marriage and predict the possibility of marriage for young people, as some of these methods are not material. The cost just needs the decision and the attention, the issue of having children and the issue of generation is very important, and that’s what it’s been like in the past few years, and that’s something I’ve emphasized and stressed many times over the years. The agencies and the issue of having children should be considered the main concern and the aging population should be feared. “The most useful capital for any country is its young population.”

Al-Sajadi continued: Officials have certainly paid attention to what the Supreme Leader of the revolution emphasized and warned in recent years, and several measures were taken in this regard. But all institutions of government, sovereignty, public and society should have a national design and pay special attention to the problem of youth among the population, and the marriage and childbearing of young people should be the concerns of all officials. Their inherent duties and beyond are their social responsibility to solve youth problems and support the institution of the family.

The Minister of Sports and Youth said: In order to respond better and more comprehensively to the needs of life, efforts must be made to learn them from different dimensions. One of the areas in which learning takes place is the area of ​​emotional education. In this field, after awareness, we reach a stage where we wait for the reaction and behavior of the audience, and here we have to help our audience appreciate it. .

He stated that a man and a woman should help each other in life to achieve value, so he said: Are housing, dowry, and material things valuable? We have to see where human perfection lies in our lives.

Sajadi said: We must help each other in life to reach a value system after the added value, and finally by blending these values ​​with personality, when the couple is identified with certain characteristics, these characteristics are a sacred system. IR

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