We have an alternative for referees who failed / We ask clubs not to write statements

The Executive Director of the Referees Department of the Football Association said: We ask the clubs not to comment.

a report Sports Group News AgencyAnd the Gholamreza Soleimani said on the sidelines of the training workshop for the assistants and supervisors of the English Premier League teams: It is necessary to hold these meetings throughout the year so that the managers of the referees know their behavior. Mr. Afsharian was supposed to be present at this meeting, but I attended because of his problem. Of course, for conflicts that occur on the field side, our referees have received the necessary training to meet the challenges that arise and have been updated with foreign coaches conducting classes for both referees and spectators.

Regarding whether the margins in football resulted from not introducing or not applying the rules, he explained: These statements before the matches strongly affect the morale and behavior of the referees, and unfortunately no matter how difficult it is. We try to have a negative influence on the judges, and I ask teams not to write statements in any way. Most pressure comes from outside the field and external factors must act with greater control. Police and judicial agents can help in the best way in this area. Same thing in world football, if a team agent commits a foul, it will be dealt with very harshly, and if it happens in our football, the refereeing team will also help.

In response to the failure of the executive members of the Football Association to attend this meeting, the Executive Director of the Arbitration Department of the Football Association said: “I do not know about this subject, perhaps they were not invited.” Sohail Mahdi should answer in this regard.

Soleimani, in response to a question that he is not worried that a few rulers fail medical tests. He pointed out: “Unfortunately, the 5 to 6 referees who failed the test are great referees and their absence is certainly cause for concern, but given the large number of referees we have in the country, we have alternatives, but the referees have failed. . ” I love attending exams. . According to the rules, about 45 days must pass for these judges and if the jury agrees, we have to test them again.

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