Ethnic identity is an opportunity to strengthen social belonging

However, thanks to the efforts of culture, art and social workers, I have been present on this day or week for 15 years, first in Tehran and then in Mazandaran Province, but I want to use this note to renew my dedication. Thank you to all those activists and their efforts, who worked faithfully and responsibly for the development and pride of the province and for the promotion and strengthening of Mazandaran culture. Among these men, we can mention Farhoud Jalali Qandlusi, Jalal Farhang Mazandarani and founder of the Parpirar Group, who played a unique role in naming the occasion. Al-Farhoudi joins her these days 56 It is his birthday, and he always wishes kindness, joy and happiness to the people of Iran, especially the people of Mazandarani.

This year’s annual event was organized by the efforts of Pargirar Kala Cultural Institute and Pargirar Partners and in cooperation with Mazandaran Culture and Arts Associations and related institutions in Tehran Province. I believe that people’s understanding of society and current conditions, such as New Year’s rites and cultural celebrations, is not done through the Berberar Cultural and Artistic Institute in Tehran, but rather reinforces cultural identity, including that of ethnic groups. It is an opportunity to strengthen social cohesion and belonging, and this potential should not be squandered or ignored.

Strengthening cultural identity is important in all societies. Strengthening cultural identity, including ethnic culture, strengthens social solidarity in society, in addition to increasing social cohesion and social vitality in society. Another benefit of strengthening cultural identity is the correct socialization of people, that is, when people become aware of their identity and better socialization occurs. Cultural identity includes beliefs, language, customs, etc., of course, in such a society, people resist storms like a tree rooted in the soil. I have indicated many times in my remarks and speeches that we must heed, many of our national and ethnic ceremonies are meant to promote social values ​​and burden. Today, in some countries, for example, they throw tomatoes at each other for happiness or to take part in dangerous accidents, but we have ceremonies and rituals that have a social and cultural meaning at the same time and must be preserved.

I wish the best for our dear country Iran

Seyed Hassan Mousavi Shalak – Paraberar’s assistant


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