This was just half of Yahya’s list!

In his recent interview, Persepolis coach Yahya Gul Mohammadi said he was satisfied with the club’s speed in the transfer market and that half of his squad had been recruited so far. Did you notice? Only half of Zohour Mohammadi’s list has been added to the lineup. In other words, Alireza Beiranvand of European football, Morteza Borali Gonzi of the national team star, Soroush Rafi of Sarahan, Daniel Ismailifar, Georges Gliciani, Muhammad Mehdi Ahmadi and some other young stars. The team, only half of the coaches list. And there are still half of the other players who have applied! He said the strikers wanted to make their team professional. Isn’t it really obvious how many players Yahya has added to his to-do list? On the other hand, there are players like Wahid Amiri, Omid Alisha, Mehdi Turabi, Milad Sarlak, Kamal Kamabinya, Siamak Nemati, and players like Mehdi Abdi, Ali Nemati, Hamid Bakdal and Ahmed Johari. The presence of players such as Saeed Jalal Hosseini, Ali Reza Ebrahimi, Ramin Rezaian, Ehsan Bahlawan, Issa Al-Katheer, Muhammad Sharifi, Manouchehr Safrof, Wahdat Hananov, Shergod Tamirov, Hamid Louk and Wand has not been confirmed. Find out which team he should play for next season or what will happen in their career.

Yahya says that this talented team and the formed star is half of their dream. Next, we must ask Gul Mohammad: What will he do in a low-quality Iranian league that needs a lot of players and stars and is waiting to add a few players to his team? In a situation where the club’s managers did not absorb the remaining half of Yahya’s roster, which means that now that Persepolis has all the great players and the first division, we have to wait for one of the fastest in the Premier League, for example, this week. Before Persepolis reached the twenty-fifth and won the cup. With the same team, the Iran Championship is not far away, the Asian Championship is not far away. Therefore, the rehabilitated Persepolis crew does not accept any excuses during the season. In addition to all this, surprisingly, Persepolis is unable to fend off weak opponents like Sepahan, and we still see excuses.

In professional football, the big clubs sign big players and this is a general principle, but the strength of the squad roster is one of the issues that must be addressed. It is not yet clear how much the state-owned club Persepolis has spent to sign a player or extend his contract, and what it intends to do to attract a player in the second half of the roster. On the other hand, have national team stars drawn and certainly aspiring to create the bench capacity in their minds, or was the white bench filled with tension and margins? Chapter 22?

Persepolis will be the record holder this season and the unbeaten team in the league. Despite all these stars, winning the lottery is also a challenge for employees. Yahya must have a plan for the future as he does not want to repeat what happened last season when his popularity wanes. He’s a smart coach and politician, so that he can survive and succeed, he passes through his comrades and assistants and turns his crew into a professional.

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