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Prevent mobile battery damage / three major points

It is best to avoid the bugs that lead to fast battery drain of Android phones.

Three important factors in the rapid draining of the phone battery


Overheating is very bad for your Android phone’s battery. Excessive heat can degrade the phone’s battery and eventually you will need a new battery. Try to keep your phone out of direct sunlight. You can also prevent screen overheating by turning off or removing unused apps running in the background and dimming the screen brightness.

Shipping for a long time

According to PCMag, if you don’t charge your phone from full charge until its battery is completely dead, charge it after the battery is completely empty and go through this process a few times. Your phone’s “modern lithium-ion” battery will fail.

Contrary to popular belief, smartphone users are advised to fully charge their phones before they reach 0% charge. Also, you should not leave your phone charging for a long time. If you want to increase your battery life, always try to keep your phone between 30 and 80 percent charged. Many popular smartphones have battery optimization settings. These settings can help you with the correct charging process.

Bad antenna

If you’re in an area with poor antenna coverage and the phone’s activity drops while you’re talking or going online, your Android device will drain faster. This is because the battery is working harder trying to contact cell phone receivers. If you can, use Wi-Fi in these situations.


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