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4 deaths and 370 new patients with corona identified in the country

According to the Ministry of Health’s announcement, 370 patients with the COVID-19 virus were identified in the country last night, and unfortunately 4 patients also lost their lives during this period.

According to the informants, From yesterday to day 4 online 1401 and based on vital diagnostic criteria, 370 new patients with covid 19 have been identified in the country and 69 of them have been hospitalized.

The total number of people infected with Covid-19 in the country has reached 7 million 554 thousand and 703 people.

Unfortunately, in the past 24 hours, 4 patients infected with Covid-19 died in the country, and the total number of deaths from this disease reached 144,523.

Fortunately, so far 7 million 329 thousand 344 patients have recovered or been discharged.

124 Covid-19 patients are being monitored in hospital intensive care units.

To date, 54 million 250 thousand and 185 tests for diagnosing Covid-19 have been carried out in the country.

So far, 65 million 105 thousand 758 people have received the first round, 58 million 509 thousand 157 people have received the second round, and 31 million 286 thousand 948 people have received the third round and above.

The total number of injectable vaccines in the country reached 154 million 901 thousand 863 doses.

Currently, there is no city in red mode. 19 cities are in the orange case, 203 are in the yellow case, and 226 are in the blue case.

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