Shoot the enemy. Stick Hassan Abbasi!

A month ago, someone claimed that BBC Persian journalists and Iranian international journalists do not go to Qatar and therefore do not threaten to sideline the national team. We might take their claims as wishful thinking. But the truth is that this happened today, and we hope that a national team without political borders will shine in Qatar and that everyone will be better after these bitter days. But while we were all oblivious to the foreign media’s disregard, little did we know that there were people inside the country who were very interested in harassing the sports community apart from the sport.

Instagram Plus: Hassan Abbasi’s videos were published in July this year with harsh subtitles against football players. For example, “Football players will not become players if they have a religion” or “Football players will not become martyrs, lame and featureless.” These words were enough to set this athlete on fire and answer these words one by one. Even the soccer players, who have always been known for their politeness and morals, lost their patience and gave sharp answers to this political speaker. Meanwhile, Muhammad Ansari, who criticized his religious and political orientations, published a letter criticizing Hassan Abbasi, and wrote in part: “Neither you nor anyone else has the right to talk about a specific group.. Do. He gave a general judgment without a general, reasonable and logical reason generally.” He presented others as greedy! Call them idiots and the rich! He considered them incompetent social reformers! And let himself theorize about the privacy of people and their families!”

Of course, this was not the last confrontation that Hassan Abbasi had with the sports community, and in October of this year and the following days, the community witnessed the beginning of the protests. He once again attacked football players in new statements and said: Their lifestyle (soccer players) is the American way of life. Pleasure, lust and money, why pay footballers 150 times less than society to go crazy?

To investigate the causes of protests and the emergence of anger and social division, we need not always look to purely political theories. It is enough to look at these infuriating devices to see how they can ignite protests with insensitive sentences and comments. Many people wonder if someone like Hassan Abbasi is immune and can say anything and address a group of people inappropriately without worrying about being scolded or called out. If today’s riots target national security and will destroy the lives of young protesters and young advocates. Aren’t these statements also an act against national security and an escalation of violence?

If we notice the indication of the revolution in the words of the leader, Hassan Abbasi considers himself a revolutionary. What is the difference between the opinion of the leader and the view of Hassan Abbasi?

In July 2016, when the leadership wants to set an example of courage, initiative, and effort for the government, it mentions the national football team, but in July this year, Hassan Abbasi presented the national team as lame and characterless! This year, Mahrama presents the leadership of the sports community as a healthy community with loyal and respectful elements, but in Hassan Abbasi’s view, these are the people who are looking for lust and pleasure. Even today, the leader of the revolution, Omidsoji, is presented as a sign “against Iran,” while the likes of Abbasi, claiming to be a revolutionary, consider the country’s soccer players to be Zionists and treasonous guards! In the days when the eyes of the nation turn to the Iranian team to improve the nation’s standing in Qatar. Twitter attributed to Hassan Abbasi burns the lives of the national team players and takes peace from the national team camp. These behaviors are in line with the same anti-Iranianism of the BBC and Iran International journalists rather than being revolutionary.

When a foreigner like Queiroz tried to push the national team from all the margins and make the two-tier Scotch team a unified team without limits, why would an Iranian man bring the team to the two-point limit regardless of the consequences? statement – statement? These days, Queiroz’s political intelligence and subtlety with Iran has proven more than some analysts and the country’s political rivals.

Iran’s opponents these days use every blow to destroy the national team and disturb the players’ concentration. One day they claim this is not the national team and the next day they spoil the smiles of the players as an excuse. Even when they are not in Qatar, foreign journalists try to sideline the national team’s press conferences with political questions. Because they know very well that the pride of the national team means the happiness of the country. A nation struck by hostility and turmoil these days. More than ever, they are looking for an excuse to become a nation again. How can one who claims to be a revolutionary walking in the path of the enemy?

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