The submarine that went to see the Titanic sank! / The tragedies of the Titanic are not over yet

The Titanic submarine, which was carrying five passengers to visit the famous wreck of the Titanic, crashes due to a technical malfunction, killing all five passengers. This incident had many aspects. From criticizing NASA, which collaborated in its construction, to predicting this accident by The Simpsons 17 years ago, to criticizing the media’s distinction between the sinking of this small submarine with five people on board and the sinking of the refugee ship with a capacity of 700 people. off the coast of Greece.

Isnables: Since the sinking of the Titanic in 1985, many experts and visitors have visited the Titanic sinking site using mini-submarines.

In the latter case, a small recreational submarine is named Titan owned by the company Ocean Gate (OceanGate), which took five people to visit the remains of the Titanic, suffered a technical failure and an accident. “Leak” became severe. This accident was so serious that the passengers and crew of this submarine disappeared, leaving only a few pieces of the Titan submarine, but what happened?

NASA’s Titan submarine probe collapsed

Submarine carrying 5 passengers to see the wreck of the Titanic at a depth of approx Four thousand meters The North Atlantic Ocean was called the Titan Ring. Travel with this submarine 6.7 metres which has the dimensions of a pickup truck, per passenger, 250 thousand dollars I found a cost.

Some experts declared that the trip with the Titan submarine was not followed due to some safety standards and measures in its construction. Dangerous business He is. Of course, the dangers of this deep sea voyage are announced to passengers before departure, and they are many consent form signed on these pages, three times for the word death It had been mentioned.

The submarine you went to see

Titan submarine

NASA collaborates with Oceangate to build the Titan submarine

based on the reports, NASA space agency He collaborated with Ocean Gate on building the Titan submarine. This cooperation agreement was implemented in 2020 and announced in a press release that “The partnership agreement between Oceangate and NASA is an example of a great partnership to bring space technologies back to Earth.”

Based on this cooperation and construction carbon fibre And titanium parts The Titan submarine is under the responsibility of the NASA space agency. The purpose of this collaboration is to enable NASA engineers to test the performance of carbon and titanium fibers in high-pressure environments such as the oceans.

until Starlink; A satellite internet service provider company owned by a corporation Elon Musk He also collaborated with Ocean Gate to install satellite internet equipment on the Titan submarine.

The submarine you went to see

View from inside the Titan submarine

Steer the Titan with a $40 game console!

Guide the submarine Titan using Game controller Model F710 made by the company Logitech It was done when it hit the market in 2010 and only $40 It has a price! Some experts believe that using this cheap game controller, which is not designed to control an expensive submarine, is a complete use Risky It has been.

The submarine you went to see

The Titan submarine was piloted with a $40 game controller

Of course, the use of game controllers to control expensive devices already has a history. For example, the US Army is one of the controllers X-Box for guidance Bomb disposal bots as well as some directions light submarines uses.

How did Titan sink?

on 1 hour 45 minutes From the beginning of Titan’s deep-sea voyage, the Titan’s experimental ship announced that it had lost contact with Titan’s submarine. Pieces recovered from the remains of Titan’s submarine show that this submarine had suffered Water leak Then I had an accident “Leak” I became severe. Investigations show that when the submarine Titan suffered a technical failure at depth Three thousand eight hundred meters The ocean is located.

As a result of this accident, the Titan submarine was first wrecked, and then disintegrated and crushed.All passengers As a result of this incident, the Titans lost their lives and somehow disappeared, and the submarine was also destroyed.

the incident interjection or Explosion on the contrary Explosion or Explosion He is. In the phenomenon of explosion, pressure from inside of Cause the object to explode towards Outside It is possible, but in the case of internal spraying, the pressure is high externalcausing the body to curl towards him inside Finally, it disintegrates and crumbles.

To be precise, an object placed 3,800 meters deep in the ocean has a pressure of approx Four hundred kilograms Tolerances per square centimeter 390 times more than water surface pressure He is!

In order for us to understand such pressure, it is sufficient to imagine that this pressure 200 times It’s more than the air pressure inside a car’s tires. To withstand such pressure, the walls and hull of Titan’s submarine are made of carbon fibers and titanium parts The standard class of the spacecraft Manufactured

Who are the passengers of the Titan submarine?

Oceangate, which owns the Titan submarine and organized this recreational cruise, announced that the Titan submarine was carrying five passengers. After it was proven that the submarine was destroyed, Oceangate expressed its condolences to the families of the deceased and that the results of the search “worst possible scenario” more, feel sorry it’s over.

List of passengers of the Titan submarine:

Stockton Rush61 years old and manager director And Co-founder of the Ocean Gate Company Responsible for executing this entertainment tour.

Prince David; A 38-year-old British businessman of Pakistani origin SuleimanHis 19-year-old son. Daoud was one of the richest Pakistanis in England.

Paul Henry Nargol; 77 years old and former captain of the French Navy. He was very interested in searching for the remains of the Titanic and was a member of the exploration team that first visited the wreck of the Titanic in 1987.

Hamish HardingThe 58-year-old English entrepreneur and adventurer holds three Guinness World Records. He was based in the UAE and had experience in space travel before and had traveled to the South Pole several times.

Secret equipment of the US Navy heard the explosion

After officially announcing the incident with the Titan submarine, the US Navy announced it approx 1 hour 45 minutes So From the departure of Titan into the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean and minutes after Titan loses contact with its mother ship, sounds Explosion style has been registered

The New York Times was the first to report, citing two senior US Navy military officials, that the US Navy is using data obtained from classified information network, The accident happened to the submarine Titan. According to the New York Times, this secret network using sensors Track down enemy submarines one is developed “an accident consistent with an explosion or implosion” It was recorded and identified just minutes after Titan lost contact with its pilot ship.

Where have efforts to find Titan’s remains gone?

The US Coast Guard announced that it has been able to do so so far Five large pieces Look for the remains of Titan’s submarine in the deep waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

John Mauger, Admiral of the US Navy, told reporters in this regard “The US Navy search vessel Horizon Arctic has found parts of the bow and other parts of the wreckage of the Titan submarine.”

According to Mauger’s statements, the US Coast Guard confirmed the occurrence of an internal explosion accident for this submarine after monitoring the wrecked parts of the submarine Titan.

Predict the destruction of Titan in The Simpsons cartoon!

After the accident occurred with the submarine Titan and its occupants were killed, fans were left bewildered The Simpsons cartoon It was also found and by reposting a video of this animation, they claimed that this submarine is doomed 17 years ago It was expected in this animation. In this video, the main character of the story goes into the depths of the waters to visit the wreck of the Titanic, rides a device like a submarine, and suffers. Technical problem And hypoxia It will be of course, in this animation, the main character is saved and does not suffer the fate of the passengers of the Titan submarine.

The submarine you went to see

Animated view of The Simpsons

media distinction When the blood of five rich people colored more than seven hundred anonymous asylum seekers

Since the announcement of the Titan submarine’s voyage to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and its disappearance on the same day, many media outlets have covered the events of the disappearance of this small submarine, which carried only five people, and attracted the attention of millions of people. People all over the world, the incident has been observed.

Almost days after the submarine Titan sank, a fishing trawler carrying more than 700 refugees, apparently bound for the Italian coast from a port in Libya, capsized and sank off the southern coast of Greece.

The number of survivors of this ship is approx 750 people I rate it more refugees And unknown persons It has been. Also, reports of there being at least 100 children It is posted in this ship’s warehouse. until Friday Only 104 people They were saved and there is not much hope of saving the rest of the passengers on this ship.

Greece after this ship sank this incident ‘The worst refugee disaster in the Mediterranean so far’ He announced the organization of several protest marches in Greece and some other countries after this incident.

The rough coincidence of the migrant shipwreck on the Greek coast and the disappearance of the five-man Titan submarine and severe media discrimination in Type of news coverage These two incidents caused a reaction from many cyberspace users.

In this regard, a cartoon plan spread in cyberspace, showing that the refugee ship had an accident and not much help was provided to save them, and a submarine with only 5 people on board, who were rich. Society, when an accident occurs, all facilities of the Navy and Air Force are mobilized to find the survival of this expensive submarine and its wealthy passengers.

The submarine you went to see

Barack Obama: Media discrimination between asylum seekers and the Titan submarine is “grotesque inequality”.

Barack Obama, former President of the United States, referring to the media discrimination in coverage of the news of the sinking of the ship carrying poor refugees and the submarine Titan, from Dual media processing Criticize. Obama in an interview with CNN such treatment “ugly inequality” He read and said that this discrepancy shows that there is a great difference between the importance of human life and this democracy It hurts

The submarine you went to see

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