Violation of British Laws in “International Iran”

For 27 days, the Saudi media “Iran International” has been producing and reproducing violence around the clock. From publishing private phone numbers of people and national symbols to calling for war and bloodshed, the media now gets much of their news from hacker groups.

Reporters Plus – Suhaila Siddiqui: The tag used by Iran International TV channel for the recent unrest in Iran was “private news coverage of nationwide protests”. But this big brand, more than being in the field of news and information, is trying to spread a broader vision of violence that knows no boundaries. Media that represents violence depend on their own individual policy, but Iran International is one of the London media that adheres to Ofcom’s rules.

Where is Ofcom?

Ofcom is a British media regulatory body that oversees the activities of radio and television stations, long-distance landlines, mobile phones, etc. Ofcom has a duty to protect the public from media content. All British TV channels obtain their activity license from this organization and if they do not comply with the conditions stipulated in the license, they are in danger of being canceled by “Ofcom”.

On June 20, 2001, Queen Elizabeth II addressed the British Parliament regarding the creation of Ofcom, and the organization began operations on December 29, 2003. Under its mandate, Ofcom has the power to fine media and technology companies that do not adhere to its rules. Ofcom has the power to compel companies like Facebook and Twitter to comply with its “obligations of care” in order to “protect users from harm and unlawful acts by terrorists and harmful content for children” and punish them for violating them.

Some examples of “Ofcom” and reprimand!

Ofcom’s strict rules and regulations have hampered most of the English and non-English speaking media operating in the country.

For example, in 2009 (2009), it pressured Press TV for what it described as unbiased in its coverage of Gaza news. Ofcom finally revoked its media license in 2012 due to a complaint by Mazir Bihari (an Iranian-Canadian journalist) and removed the channel from British satellites, including Sky. Bihari claimed that the ten-second video clip, which was broadcast on Press TV, was a forced confession from him. Press TV has repeatedly denied this claim and has tried hard to prove its innocence in the relevant courts.

Russia’s “Rasha Al-Youm” (RT) is another TV channel that Ofcom has investigated. Ofcom’s conflict with Rush Today began after the poisoning of Russian double agent Sergei Viktorovich Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, England in 2018. The British media and authorities at this time pointed the finger at Russian intelligence, and the Rasha Network today increased the number of its television programs in this area to neutralize this Political-media attack. Tension and media war intensified between the two countries and prompted them to expel Russian diplomats not only from this country but also from other NATO member states and confront Russia.

Ofcom’s measure is to ban any ads about Saudi reforms, but what’s the story behind this ban? About three years ago, Saudi Arabia paid for a minute to advertise with pictures of a woman driving, cinemas reopening and members of the Al Saud family visiting Britain. The ad, which was broadcast on Sky 1 56 times over three days, was intended to promote Saudi Arabia’s trade with Britain, but Ofcom alleged that Riyadh was trying to influence British public opinion and present a false image of itself.

So Ofcom stressed the controversy surrounding “freedom of expression, human rights and women’s rights” in conservative Saudi Arabia, along with issues related to British arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Riyadh’s military intervention in Yemen. The civil war will not publish any propaganda from Riyadh. It is banned in England.

Ofcom and International Challenge

Programs that show violence and its consequences and describe violence, whether verbal or physical.

The number of replays of “international” verbal and physical abuse in the past few days is countless. According to (Head of the Department of Social Sciences, Communication and Media), this claim is true with the publication of 1,100 posts with the hashtag Ms. Mahsa Amini and the method of promoting and exaggerating violence and incitement to break the law in 10 days. . .

Apps that contain content that endorses or promotes violent, dangerous, or anti-social behavior is highly likely to encourage others to imitate such behaviour.

In this paragraph, it is clearly stated that viewing of any violent film is prohibited by “Ofcom” and its follow-up format is prohibited. However, the publication of violent films by the “international” media is in limbo. Posting pictures, patriotic symbols and phone numbers of various police officers on social networks is a dangerous and antisocial act. The violence was repeated several times.

Content that encourages, incites, or disrupts the commission of a crime, or hate speech that encourages or disrupts criminal activity.

Ofcom is against encouraging and inciting viewers to commit crimes and engage in any activity considered criminal, but what has the International War Chamber done in these 27 days? Pictures to teach how to make “Molotov cocktails”, call for riots in the streets, support separatists, incite law-breaking, etc.

News and programs that do not meet the requirements of neutrality.

Neutrality is a core principle of Ofcom. The media should be comprehensive and include all views and analysis of the incident. But have these media seen anything other than going to a judge in one direction these days? Are all sounds audible? Are all calls and gatherings in Iran covered equally and in detail?

Examples of encouraging the public, especially students, to violence, destruction, conflict, anarchy, chaos, crime, harm, hate, and the like are also rejected and prosecuted.

During this period, Iranian students have been the target international community many times. Calls asking students to break school rules. It was posted several times. Post pictures of the invitation letter in which school property was destroyed, books were torn and school uniforms removed.

You can read more about Ofcom’s rules here.

Has Ofcom abandoned Iran International?

This is not the first time that Ofcom has closed its eyes to the unprofessional behavior of the “Iran International” media with this level of sensitivity towards the performance of activist media in England.

In 2016, Iran International Network shamelessly broadcast a live interview with the spokesman of the terrorist group “Al-Ahwaz” after the terrorist attack on the convoy of the armed forces in Ahvas, with the aim of dividing Iran. Hamid Bedi Nejad (Iran’s ambassador in London at the time) wrote in response to this action: “In a shameless act, Iran International broadcast an interview with the spokesman of a terrorist group today, which led to the death of many people. The Iranian embassy in London condemned this action.” , which was said in England (Ofcom), will immediately follow serious action by the regulator.

Bedi Nejad complained to Ofcom about an interview with a member of a terrorist group, but Ofcom did not accept the Iranian embassy’s complaint against the “Iran International” TV channel, and declared that the channel did not violate England’s media laws.

But Ofcom still handles this TV channel, now a war room, with more skill than specified under the law. It is clear that displaying pictures of “Molotov cocktails”, publishing the national code, personal phone numbers of people and any other violent behavior is not the duty of the official media, and their excessive repetition is also in doubt.

Can Iran take legal action?

But the Foreign Ministry spokesman said: The Islamic Republic of Iran is acting responsibly in this regard and a serious warning has been given to the host countries through related and friendly countries. It was given and firmly and resolutely announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran will seriously use its capabilities in various legal and political frameworks and will work with these media and non-news networks. It works, but in fact it uses terrorist action, legal and political capabilities. In this regard, preparations have been made, and God willing, we will follow these steps very soon.

The Secretary of the Parliament’s Legal and Judicial Committee referred to the current laws in England as a broadcaster of the international Iranian TV channel and emphasized: Given the legal capacity of the British Communications Organization (Ofcom), this capacity must be legal. It was prepared by the State Department and used by the judiciary.” In the presence of the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and distinguished representatives, the first step I will take is to comply with this order and, if the opportunity arises, I will bring the matter up at the meeting. In the form of a verbal warning to the judicial system and the government.

Published 1000 violent publication in 10 days!

Akbar Nasrallah (Head of the Department of Social Sciences, Communication and Media) in an exclusive conversation with radio and television, according to the international Iranian Instagram page, from the time of the arrest of Mrs. Mohseh Amini on 23 Shahrfar until 20:20 on Monday. October 13, 2015 1 post per minute, 100 posts per day and 1,100 posts in 10 days with the hashtag Ms. Mahsa Amini, the method of educating, promoting, exaggerating violence and incitement to break the law, and no other news was published.

the doctor. Nasrhi also believes that what is happening on the part of these media outlets is a comprehensive media campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the police of our country, and for this reason, in the first news published by Iran International. (23) Shahrfar announced his verdict before the publication of hospital and forensic reports, and Mahsa’s news of Amini’s arrest and death is a task that deserves study and investigation and has news value for wide news coverage but for the West. For the media to shut down all their news and non-news activities and deal with this issue alone, this is not normal and the anger is caused by false hope, this is about the future of Iran and it is related to the wrong and inadequate knowledge of the people. Iran”.

Now we have to wait and see how Ofcom will deal with Iran International as an organization that prevents any kind of media violence?

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