Online News Agency: The enemy’s policy of destroying Iran’s nuclear technology is intimidating and threatening Iran and world news

And according to what the electronic correspondent Muhammad Eslami reported, Friday evening at the memorial to the nuclear martyrs in Kashan, he said: “Dear martyrs of Islamic Iran, their basic wish is to raise Islamic Iran.”

In nuclear technology, our martyrs sacrificed all their efforts for the freedom and honor of Islamic Iran and said: With all the problems and stoning the enemies of the youth of Islamic Iran. Mujahideen Try to get Iran’s inalienable rights.

The head of the Atomic Energy Authority stated that the enemy is trying to achieve its goals of destroying Iranian nuclear technology by luring and threatening scientists, and he explained: When these enemy plans do not end, they will end. sincerely They tried to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists.

Referring to global crises and the urgent need for energy in the world, he said, “In today’s world, there is great competition for the construction of power plants.”

Eslami pointed out that the nuclear fuel cycle is limited to a few countries, and said: The Europeans want this fuel cycle to be in their hands only, so they all conspired to stop this technology in Iran, but thank God they all failed.

He pointed out that the orders of the Supreme Leader of the revolution have been a guide since the beginning of our activity, noting that his orders were strictly followed in this matter, and the strong will of the scholars and youth of Islamic Iran followed the orders. Supreme Commander Chopping was and is

The head of the Atomic Energy Authority considered the need to advance nuclear technology to be a loyal, educated and stable human force, and stressed: We hope to see soon good news from the efforts of Iranian scientists and the country’s youth. Nuclear Technology Department

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