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Corona course increased in Razavi Khorasan

Informants / Khorasan Razavi The Director of Public Relations of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences stated that during the past 20 days, we have witnessed an increasing trend in statistics related to corona conditions, and he said: Those who had severe corona infection or an underlying disease in the past should take the use of masks seriously; The increasing trend of the disease may put them at greater risk.

Regarding the Corona situation, Dr. Muhammad Pahlawan Kashi said: Almost two months ago, we witnessed the increasing trend of Corona, which decreased with the arrival of a severe cold wave that swept the country, and Corona returned to its previous state. Then, we’ve seen an increasing slope in the last 20 days. Although Mashhad’s coloration is still blue today, but if this increasing trend continues, we expect Mashhad’s coloration to change.

The director of public relations at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences pointed out that four cities of Khorasan Razavi entered the orange situation, and added: This growing situation must be taken seriously because this issue can be transferred to other cities and Mashhad. In such a situation, it is very necessary to use a mask, especially in crowded places.

“As of Tuesday, March 16, we had 48 hospitalized patients with coronavirus,” he said. There were 32 patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit. We never had a patient die.

Regarding the reason for the increase in Corona, Bahlan Kashi said: In other regions of the world, we have witnessed an increase in Corona cases in different periods. Although we have been witnessing very calm conditions in terms of the Coronavirus for about a year, and almost from the point of view of the people, the Corona virus may be over now, but this is not the case in other countries. When we were without any Corona deaths for several days, most countries like America had more than 200 Corona deaths per day. Corona disease has also increased in East Asia in the past few months. Given that this virus is spreading, it can enter our country naturally

And the director of public relations at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences continued: The vaccination that was carried out over the past year with the support of the people can create immunity in the population of our country for a long time and prevent the spread of the virus. It should be borne in mind that the safety of the vaccine decreases over time and over time people can become infected with this virus again. On the other hand, the more people comply, the less this disease spreads, and due to the approach of Nowruz and the decrease in people’s adherence, the risk of contracting Corona increases, which can be effective.

Regarding the preparations for Nowruz, he indicated that Mashhad University of Medical Sciences works 24 hours a day without holidays. Many predictions have been made for the conditions of Nowruz. Emergency is ready to serve our citizens with utmost readiness in case of any accident. Health centers also maintain their readiness. In the celebration of the year of delivery, when there is severe crowding in Mashhad, all our colleagues in treatment, health and medicine are fully prepared to serve the pilgrims and neighbors of Imam Reza (AS).

Pahlavankashi explained that we have conditions for accepting Corona patients in various hospitals and added: Considering that the number of hospitalizations due to Corona is not high, but the departments that have been activated for Corona patients for a long time are ready for readmission. Isolated patients and let’s treat patients off the plate.

And the director of public relations at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences regarding vaccination continued: Health centers in the city and entire villages are ready to provide vaccination services. People can get their vaccinations by visiting these centers. Those who had their last dose of vaccine in the past year or at least 6 months can apply for a reminder vaccine. It is recommended that certain groups who are at high risk of this disease take their reminder dose so that they do not become infected with this virus or if they do become infected, their infection is mild.

In response to a question that the virus that spread recently and caused people to get sick, is it the Corona virus or influenza, he said: There are different viruses that can cause symptoms of the respiratory and digestive systems. In different months, each of these viruses can be more epidemic and experienced by different people. We passed a relatively severe peak of influenza, especially in children, in the fall. Right now, there is no peak influenza. These viruses are always present and their incidence increases, especially in the cold seasons of the year.

And Pahlavankashi continued: Personal hygiene, wearing a mask in crowded places, and avoiding the presence of infected people in closed and crowded places until complete recovery can reduce the incidence of this disease.

The Director of Public Relations at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences pointed out: We advise all citizens and those wishing to travel to Mashhad to wear a muzzle in crowded places to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and viruses that are transmitted through breathing.

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