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Traveling on an invisible ship, the new hobby of the rich

This cruise ship allows rich people to travel secretly to different parts of the world. This luxury yacht, made entirely of one-way reflective glass and reflecting the image of sea and sky, was unveiled as a concept design by Joseph Voakes.

He says the 290-foot (88-meter) ship, called Pegasus, will be the world’s first 3D-printed ship and will be invisible in terms of design and environmental impact.

Equipped with internal solar panels, this luxury sailing yacht can reflect the image of the sky, clouds, and surroundings.

Foakes says his reflective solar wings, hidden behind glass, can provide solar electric power and operate on a hydrogen-hydrogen energy source. Energy from the sun is used to power the electrolyzer, which extracts hydrogen from seawater. The fuel cells then convert the hydrogen into electricity stored in lithium-ion batteries, which are used to power the engine and all of the ship’s systems.

Picture of an invisible ship, the new entertainment of the rich

The price of this cruise ship has not yet been determined, but it will undoubtedly be suitable for the wealthy. Pegasus may reach production by 2030.

Based in Milan and New York, Foakes said he wants to build a zero-emissions cruise ship.

There is a multi-level water park that provides access to fresh food and air purification on board. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil.

“I wanted to get the cruise ship as close as possible to the sea and nature,” says Vokes.

The entire frame of this super-ship will be created using an automated 3D printer in the form of a grid.

The Pegasus designer says using a 3D printer results in a very strong and lightweight structure that can be produced with less energy, materials, space and time compared to traditional ships.

The interior of this ship has four levels connected by a spiral staircase. This ship has a simple design that reflects life in nature, and the green space inside represents this theme.

Upstairs, there is a master suite with a large private balcony that can only be accessed by the owner. There is an aquarium style pool at the front of the boat that, when closed, can serve as a helicopter landing pad and a large hot tub at the back of the ship.

This ship is just one of many concept designs that have been presented in the past few months for cruise ships.

Also in January, a superyacht by Rome-based design studio Lazzarini called the Plectrum was unveiled. You can see more information and a concept video of this luxury boat here.

This giant sailing yacht, which is equipped with three hydrogen engines, can move at a speed of 70 knots or about 130 kilometers per hour, while it includes a car and a helicopter, and it is claimed that this yacht, which is still in the concept stage. Design Phase Yes, it is set to become one of the fastest boats of its kind. The thwarting system helps the boat raise itself and reach a top speed of 75 knots (130 km/h).


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