The enemy seeks sedition and sets a line between brothers

Detectives / Golestan The enemy’s goal in the case of the sacred propaganda of Islamic propaganda in Golestan province, the sacred Gonbad Kavus and Rajavi temple, is to distinguish between Shiites and Sunnis and the line of Brotherhood assassination and turn the fight against them. Injustice, blasphemy and polytheism. And turn Britain and Israel into a resistance to know their minds.

The Holy Qur’an cuts people and humanity lines on the anniversary of the spiritual martyrdom, which was held this evening to denounce the Takfiri terrorist attack on students during the holy month of Ramadan. There is no third category as two parties, the blessed month of Ramadan and the bloody altar of the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) showed that humanity is the only line that can bring security, dignity, honor and identity.

True Islam is not fear, shame, or isolation

He said: “The establishment of an illegal relationship between the true bastards, the seekers of justice, the seekers of peace, the guerrillas, the guerrillas, the ascetics, and the true Islam has never cut blood ties, so their reward is martyrdom.” Spiritual martyrdom showed that true Islam is jihad, enmity, enmity, courage, epic, jihad, resistance, and service to Islam, and Islam is not a burden of negativity, fear, isolation, silence, shame and injustice. And shame and disgrace.

In the shrine of the mosque of Kufa, in the shrine of the mosque of Kufa, in the shrine of Islam Golestan, in the desert of Aleppo, Syria, Hamedan, the shrine of Aleppo, Syria, Hamadan, Qish and Razavi. It’s just a message: Dust that never sits next to American, English and Parisian bands and never hates the enemy, no longer takes that line and shows us that pure Islam is the only Islam to struggle. Resistance, service and jihad.

Referring to the fact that the Deri and Al-Aslani martyrs sacrificed their lives in the service of jihad and the people, Jarjeen said: “The martyr Aslani was one of the holy mujahideen and served the servants of God in the barracks after the imposed war.” Holy Mashhad is thus not known to Shiites, Sunnis, Muslims and non-Muslims.

The only problem is insulting pure Mohammedan Islam

Remembering: Not taking the blood of British, American and Parisian monks and the blood of the Mujahideen clerics from the altar of Kufa to the Razavi shrine shows that the enemy’s only problem is insulting and destroying revolutionary Islam and pure Islamic Islam. The enemy does not seek anything but to overthrow his jihadist and revolutionary Islam, targeting Shiites and Sunnis, creating division, hypocrisy and hatred among them, killing innocent people, and shedding their blood on the necks of other Muslims.

The General Director of Golestan Islamic Propaganda said that the enemies are trying to create discord among Muslims by expressing their suspicions about the Sunni killing of the oppressed Shiites at the hands of the oppressed Sunnis, and he said: “This is a crude idea and we never lag behind.” The scenes.” “Let’s not forget, it was clear who was behind the scenes, some of them leading the Islamic movement, and as an anti-Shia movement they were raising awareness about the genocide of Shiites and Sunnis.

Jarjeen stressed what lies behind this polluting, poisonous and ambiguous Takfiri, Wahhabi and arrogant flood, and added: “It is not surprising that the allies and supporters of the Takfiris, the Wahhabis and the Zionist regime are treated in the hospitals of the Zionist entity.” They support this gang system and buy weapons from them, and at the same time they support the flood of takfiris.

He emphasized: defeating Islam as a violent, extremist and terrorist group, destroying the infrastructure of Islamic countries, weakening the power of Islamic countries, assassinating the elites of these countries, and transforming the equation of jihad and resistance into the equation of atonement. . It is not surprising that terrorism and weapons support the currents of ISIS and the takfiris, and it is clear that this line is being pushed by arrogant and colonial states.

Two days after the brutal assassination of two Sunni students in Gonbad Koz, two generals in the Golanistan election campaign said two student jihadists and revolutionaries were walking towards Rajavi’s holy shrine. Unlocking the line of fraternal and mutual killing, leaving the struggle against oppression, unbelief and polytheism, and turning America, Britain, Israel and their ideology into the front of the resistance.

Jarjeen indicated that the enemies of Rumi were slaughtered in Rajavi temple in the service of the people in the treacherous holy areas of Mashhad. Areas where the enemy invests more through the Wahhabis to turn it into a haven for Wahhabism and unrest.

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