In the Ministry of Health, we have nearly 5,250 projects under construction

Informants / Lorestan The Deputy Director of Development at the Ministry of Health said: We are building about 5,250 projects in the Ministry of Health.

Behrouz Rahimi told reporters: The main task of the Ministry of Health is to improve infrastructure, among which are material resources and construction projects.

He said: In the Ministry of Health, we build about 5,250 projects, and we have more than 48,500 hospital beds and more than 4,000 health projects.

Rahimi added: One of the policies of the Ministry of Health is to complete half-completed projects or give priority to health plans, while giving priority to disadvantaged, backward and border areas.

The Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health said: At least 40 projects will be implemented in Lorestan by the end of the year in various sectors, especially health.

He said: It is very important to be able to improve the health infrastructure.

Rahimi continued: We are building three large hospitals in Lorestan, a 515-bed project in Khorramabad, a 250-bed project in Kahdasht, a 250-bed project in Drod, and about 15 projects that will be completed and opened within the government. week

The Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health added: The three plans were approved during the President’s visit to the governorate and are among the priority government projects, and on the other hand, the 515-bed plan was pumped with a bank loan on the basis of an article. . 56 and Article 37 and Ministry credits. All three projects are supported by the Ministry of Health to accelerate their construction.

He continued: Last week, about 40 billion were pumped into the project through Article 37.

Rahimi explained: One of the reasons for the Minister of Health’s visit to Lorestan is to review and follow up the construction projects, and after the visit and approvals, we will quickly add more resources to the projects.

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