Foreigners benefit from nose surgery in Iran!

Traveling to Iran and Turkey for the purpose of plastic surgery and cosmetic services has a lot of economic benefits for foreign tourists.

According to the informants, the Huffington Post discussed in a report the travel of some American personalities to other countries to perform cosmetic and beauty services. The trip that ends with the cost of the plane and a week’s accommodation is still cheap and affordable for these travelers.

Beauty services are really expensive these days and the latest figures show that by the end of 2023, the beauty industry is expected to reach an annual revenue of £11.6 billion. A large amount of money is spent on it every year, while some areas are still suffering from the cost of living crisis. With that in mind, it makes sense that some TikTok influencers would travel abroad for plastic surgery, which even with the trip is much cheaper than they would pay at home, with the added bonus of a mini-vacation.

Brian Elise is a travel and beauty influencer who traveled to Turkey for hair extensions. When I found out that the extensions cost $4,450 at her usual salon, I decided to try another route. Elise found that the same service in Turkey would only cost her $500 because of the exchange rate. The hair salon he went to in Turkey is world class and he has now visited it for the third time.

The social media personality says that a week’s stay in Turkey, plus her hair, cost her around $1,600 and saved her a total of $2,850!

Dana, another face of the social network TikTok, who usually posts car-related content, posted his story about a $600 rhinoplasty in Iran, which is far less than the average cost of $5,483 for this plastic surgery in the states. United.

Diako Abbasi, secretary of the Health Tourism Guiding Council of Iran, announced in a report last year that most of the foreign patients visited Iran for plastic surgery, organ transplantation, ophthalmology and infertility treatment.

According to him, most of the foreign patients in Iran are from Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman, Azerbaijan and Bahrain, which brought more than a billion dollars in income to the country before Corona.

Although influencers advertise plastic surgery licenses in countries like Turkey and Iran, Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) advises citizens: “If you’re looking for cosmetic treatments abroad, you should check before booking anything.” maybe. This organization warns that no surgery is without risks. Complications can occur after surgery in the UK or abroad. “If you develop complications after surgery in the UK, it is the surgeon’s responsibility to provide further treatment.”

The British Medical Service has also reminded citizens that outpatient clinics may not offer follow-up treatment, or may not provide it to the same standards as in the UK. Also, they may not have a healthcare professional in the UK that you can go to if you have any problems.

The organization also stresses on finding the surgeon and making sure that the travel insurance covers any complications resulting from the medical and treatment services.

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