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Big failure for the high-end Xiaomi phone with 200 mega pixel camera / photo

DXOMark, which tests smartphone cameras, believes that the Xiaomi 12T Pro, despite having a 200-megapixel image sensor, is not perfect in terms of imaging performance. DXOMark gave the Xiaomi 12T Pro a score of 129, which clearly shows that the camera is not of the highest quality.

DXOMark experts believe that the new Xiaomi phone is an ideal device for photography and video in general, because in most cases it records more details of the subject and provides better exposure. According to these experts, Xiaomi 12T Pro is an ideal device for viewing photos due to its high-quality screen.

The biggest failure of Xiaomi's high-end phone with a 200MP camera / photo

Meanwhile, DXOMark says the Xiaomi 12T Pro’s camera sometimes lacks stabilization and doesn’t offer a great video experience. Xiaomi’s best phone in the line scored 130 points in photography, while the best phone in the DXOMark ranking, Honor Magic 4 Ultimate, scored 150 points. In terms of bokeh, the Xiaomi 12T Pro is 10 points lower than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Xiaomi’s high-end phone doesn’t score high in any area.

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DXOMark places the Xiaomi 12T Pro at 18th overall, but believes that in the premium phone category (devices priced between $600 and $800), no device offers as good a shooting experience as the Xiaomi 12T Pro.

The Xiaomi 12T Pro ranks lower than the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Huawei P40 Pro in the overall standings, but ranks higher than the iPhone 13 and Vivo X70 Pro in the premium phone category.


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