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The payment system for Social Security doctors is changing

The Director General of the Indirect Transaction of the Social Security Corporation stated that our proposal to reform the payment system for social security doctors is being sent to the Board of Directors so that the necessary permits are issued by the Board of Directors after the approval of the Board of Directors. The Board of Trustees said and informed us: After notification, the proposed decision will have a new payment system.

Mehdi Ngosi in an interview with reporters. In response to a question about a social security solution to deal with the migration of doctors from the private centers of this organization due to the difference in payment with other public and private medical centers, he said: Our payment system for doctors is based on a government tariff, 90% of which is paid.

He added, “The government will inform us of the approval of the Supreme Council for Insurance, but since the gap between the government tariff and other tariffs is large, several meetings of experts have been held that have now been completed and our proposal is being sent to the Board of Directors until then.” After the approval of the Board of Directors, it must be issued The necessary permits by the Board of Trustees and inform us of them.

The Director General of Indirect Treatment at the Social Security Corporation stated that after notification of the proposed decision, we will have a new reimbursement system and the services of our fellow doctors will be compensated, saying: Through this we will preserve doctors.

Ngosi said about the increase in payments: The gap between payments in social insurance centers and other medical centers is decreasing. We expected the new tariff to be an intermediate tariff between the government tariff and the tariff of non-governmental public institutions, which is a relatively good increase, and we hope to keep our doctors satisfied.

According to him, it is now possible to perform surgeries by doctors outside private hospitals in the form of visiting doctors.

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