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The effect of taking aspirin in the prevention of serious disease in women

Aspirin has been in use for more than eighty years and is classified as an anti-inflammatory drug. Aspirin is used as an anti-inflammatory to relieve pain, inflammation and fever.

In cases where aspirin is prescribed

Aspirin is prescribed to patients after a heart attack or stroke. Because aspirin in this case dilutes the blood and reduces its clotting, and thus reduces the possibility of recurring damage.

Things to avoid aspirin

It is recommended not to take aspirin tablets when you have the following conditions:

stomach ulcer patients
Those who have thin blood
People with liver or kidney problems.
People with shortness of breath.
Healthy adults over the age of 70 are also advised not to take aspirin. This is because it increases the risk of internal bleeding that can eventually lead to death.

Aesthetic uses of aspirin tablets

Aspirin is not only used as a treatment. But there are many beauty benefits that most people don’t know about:

Reduce swelling from mosquito bites
Reduces dark spots on the skin
It can be used as a skin scrub.
Smoothes legs by removing dead skin.
Get healthy, dandruff-free hair by adding aspirin to your shampoo.
Reduce acne on the face

Prevention of serious diseases in women

Research conducted by some Harvard University researchers in the United States showed that women who regularly take a quarter of an aspirin a day are 25 percent less likely to develop ovarian cancer compared to other women who do not take aspirin.

Source: Young Journalists Club

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