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The slogan for the 1402 Festival was announced to the press

Mahdi Arafat, secretary of the 21st Iran National Media Festival, announced the slogan for this year’s festival.

According to the informants, Arafat announced his choice of the slogan “Najstem always ziz rast”, taken from the verses of the great Persian poet Hakim Ferdowsi in the Shahnameh, for this year’s festival.

And Arafat considered the slogan of this year’s festival different from previous festivals, pointing to the importance of preserving the Persian language, he said: The Persian language is a symbol of the national identity of Iranians and a chain that connects us with history. Most countries of the world do not have a poem based on an epic, but Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh is unique to Iranians and known in the world.

Ferdowsi’s narration and elegant stories, which are the need of the modern journalist today, and his attempt to reach reality in the form of medical truth and honesty in this slogan are other concerns that the secretary of the Iranian National Media Festival indicated in her choice. This logo.

This festival is presented in different sections, including headlines, photos, interviews, reports, satires, drawings, works published in cyberspace and … It is ready to receive applications from media professionals until July 7, 1402.

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