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According to an online reporter, Ahmed Rivada On Sunday evening, he said in a group meeting of non-governmental organizations in the province of Semnan in the presence of Hojjat al-Islam Muti’i, representative of the jurists of the province of Semnan, which was held at the initiative of the province: There are 472 non-governmental organizations. . Active in the province: In all eight cities of Semnan, an organization formed by popular organizations is active.

He said: In Semnan province, there is one non-governmental organization for every 3,200 people, while the national average is one organization for every 11,600 people. For every 2500 workers in Semnan Governorate, on the horizon of 1404.

The Deputy Governor of Semnan has planned and emphasized the activities of NGOs in all areas: in total, NGOs are active in the governorate in 17 organizational titles, among which are social issues and issues with 41 organizations taking the lead title. And women’s issues, family and cultural issues in the following ranks.

Rivada Noting that we have a positive situation in the field of childhood, charities and public benefit institutions, he said: After the people’s government of Ayatollah Raisi came to power, valuable measures were taken, including the establishment of the Development Council. Supporting institutions with 54 meetings to review the status of institutions, the presence of institutions representatives in meetings, committees, and think tanks with the active participation of institutions, and the implementation of the comprehensive poverty reduction program in the governorate. Cooperation between institutions and organizations is on the agenda.

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