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According to a report by an online reporter, the governor of Tangestan said at this ceremony on Thursday evening: The Municipality of Al-Ahram has implemented this cultural construction project with a loan of 6 billion riyals.

He said: Of the 137 projects planned in Tangier during the decade of dawn, this cultural project differs from all projects and is more valuable than all projects.

Pointing out that we owe a lot to the martyrs and we must realize today that all we have is from the martyrs and their sacrifices, he said: These are the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution by donating their lives and today we are witnessing this in all. Parts of the country day by day, better and more complete work is being done.

The curtain was raised on the statue of the martyrs of the pyramids

The senior official in the government found it necessary to implement such plans to promote a culture of benevolence, a culture of gratitude and respect, as well as to promote a culture of charitable work.

Noting that the martyrs are the university of knowledge and awareness, he said: The martyrs do not need us, and we need martyrs, and the memory of the martyrs, their names and images should always be in the eyes of all people. Officials.

The senior official in the government in Tangiers, praising and thanking the Islamic Council, the Municipality of Al-Ahram and the Shahid Shaheerstan Foundation for the implementation of this cultural project, expressed the hope that this valuable project will be implemented in other parts of the city.

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