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There is no class in TV School this year / The teachers are actors

According to the director of the Education Network, this year due to the presence of schools, the TV school will be a revolutionary project with games and entertainment.

According to the informants, the press conference of Sima School was held on Tuesday 29 Shahrivar in the public relations office of the cities of Syed and Sima.

At this press conference, Ali Abdul-Ali, Director of the Education Network, said: Two goals are pursued in the transformation plan of the Iranian Television School. The first goal is educational justice and progress towards it, and the second goal is educational transformation. Our children today are exposed to many networks and animations. When we see that foreign cartoons have four billion views, it means that today’s student is different from us. The children have changed, and their hearts are elsewhere. Education today must be mixed with pleasure. Education and entertainment must be combined.

“In the Iranian TV School Transformation Project, we are moving towards a direction that everyone who has a TV at home can benefit from,” he added. The TV school goes to all regions of Iran, from the homes of major cities to the borders and suburbs of the country, and goes to the deprived areas that do not have the opportunity to get a free and useful education, and this is the dream we are striving for.

About the launch of the school television program, which took place shortly after the spread of the Corona virus and the closure of schools, Abdel Ali said: Once the country was facing the Corona virus and the children did not go to school. This virus. Sedavasima was asked for help, and three days later, an Iranian TV school program was broadcast. We went to the Corona War and had to quickly set up an external hospital.

The Director of the Education Network added: But now and on the Internet 1401, can children who go to school in the morning sit in front of the TV and listen to lessons? If the student does this, he will be depressed! As someone who has been studying for thirty years, I say that in no case should a student who was at school in the morning be told to sit down and listen to TV. This year we have children who go to school in the morning. Therefore, the TV School Transformation Project is not a classroom, it is a mixture of education and play. Its content is very interesting, children love to watch cartoons and wait for the broadcast.

And Abdel-Ali, when announcing the launch of the second television school on the Internet, explained the method of transferring the different stages and lessons: The size of the network connector gave us two options. Dealing with all lessons and lessons that are too short or weak for children. So we went to the topics that need more training. We have Quran memorization classes in all grades and you can see them online.

He said, “These days I represent over 150 people working day and night in about 10 studios. We have chapters one through nine. Soon this fall we will have two programs for high school students. It is recorded in three shifts. Our hope is to reach the second secondary school in Bekog.

The Director of the Education Network explained about the auxiliary networks for school television broadcasting: This program can be viewed on the Education Network, but in the next stages the channels will be added to the Education Network. Network 24 hours. Children should be at school in the morning and sleep at night. So our time is limited. With the completion of the connector, we will be introducing new channels of the educational network, and we will also get help from special channels for children and teens to get this content.

Abdul-Ali recalled: The Doordarshan School plan, which was implemented for two and a half years, was an emergency plan to deal with the Corona virus, as it was set up as an outpatient hospital. Today, instead of an outpatient hospital, we have a charming restaurant. It is full of games, fun, puzzles, quizzes and stories. Different cities and different schools compete with each other. Doordarshan School specializes in all regions of Iran with a focus on dear children from less fortunate regions.

He explained about the criticism of some TV school teachers in the past two years: Teachers who teach well in the classroom may not be able to teach well on TV. We use acting teachers instead of teachers. Today’s boys and girls, kids and teens can’t just sit in front of the TV and listen for half an hour. Children get tired, especially after Corona. Therefore, they do not receive this kind of education. Our episodes are 20 minutes long and are packed with entertainment, animation, stories, puzzles and drama along with education. It is a combination of several subtle elements that study the subject. Today’s teacher is an actor and member of the children’s game. In today’s world, proper education is painless education. Like a painless injection. Nowadays, it is painful for children to endure many lessons.

In conclusion, Abdul-Ali said: The most prominent characteristic of the TV school project is its leader. All primary school children sit in front of the TV at a certain time. If this is announced on different networks, the kids will know the class has started. There is a very organized guide that kids can plan throughout the year.

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