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IBO PLAYER installation training + 1-year and lifetime license renewal

IBO Player is the best multimedia player, an easy way to watch TV online from your IPTV subscriber or any other web source, which can be on your TVOS, iOS, MacOS, Android or your WEBOS Smart TV.

IBO Player allows its users to use this app for free for 7 days.

If you are satisfied with the performance of the software, you can visit the SibIPTV website and purchase it.

How to set up IBO PLAYER:

After purchasing the IPTV, you can get the m3u link of your account from the Apple TV site administration and install it on the ibo player. After installing the software on your smart TV, the following screen will appear.

Type the device ID and device key you see on the first page.

Then go to

On this page, you can see the following.

In the MAC address field, enter the device ID.

In the second part, enter the device key. Click the Sign in button. Then you will see the next page.

Click the Add Playlist button.

In the Playlist name field, enter the desired name.

Enter the m3u link received from the SibIPTV website in the playlist URL section.

If you don’t want others to be able to edit your playlist, click the Protect this playlist button and enter a four-digit number in the PIN.

Then press the Save button.

The installation process is complete. Get the TV. Turn off the application once. Then enter the created playlist.

IBO Player Features:

You can play 4K quality content with this app.

It has 6 different themes that give you an attractive look to the user.

You can use VLC Player to play in-app content.

high speed flow

easy entry

Simple user interface

Ability to view movie posters along with movie trailers

Support EPG information and posters in movies and series

Choosing the language in movies and series

Select the language of subtitles in movies and series

Frequently asked questions about IBO PLAYER:

Does IBO PLAYER have a TV network? Where can I get a good playlist?

IBO PLAYER usually does not contain any content. You can get a free iptv test account to watch TV channels through the SIBIPTV website.

My device’s MAC address changed after changing my internet connection. What should I do?

Each TV has two MAC addresses (first WiFi address, second Ethernet) and the second MAC changes automatically after switching to another connection type and restarting the application. But the MAC address of the device is unique to each TV and cannot be changed manually.

Why does the application freeze on startup?

Because the program has to download the list from your provider or server source every time you run it.

Can I change the background image of the app?

Yes, you can find other themes in the settings. There are 3 themes for you!

Why won’t PLAYLIST IPTV work on my Smart TV while it works on my PC?

If your computer is on another ISP, this may be because your ISP has locked the stream. But when your ISP is the same as your computer and not working, it may be because of the broadcast formats that the TV supports. Not all Smart TVs support all formats. Each TV model has completely different capabilities or may not support certain streaming formats.

Why can’t I run the app?

This may be due to your internet connection, please check your internet connection first before contacting your provider. More often it is created because of the connection, and not because of the provider!

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