There is no place for sexual bullying on air!

“It’s as if some female stars consider menopause to be the fault of the Islamic Republic; (Laughs out loud to the announcer!) They turn 50, take off the scarf and curse the Islamic Republic. This is normal and it’s for everyone. If you were in America, the same would happen.” You used to be a young man, you were in the stock market, everyone has a period; now another young man is coming…” The disgusting laughing voice repeated…

Journalists Plus: These words were not exchanged in a friendly and masculine tone. Rather, it was raised very seriously on the official TV channel by a film director, and the presenter of the program, Mr. Behrouz Afkhami, welcomed this comment with loud laughter, confirming the words of the guest of his program!

You may have seen the TV show movie “Seven” which has been circulating for hours. In one of its last episodes, in the presence of Abu Al-Qasim Talbi (Director), this program was broadcast on the air on the network, while a part of this talk show was devoted to the protest movements of actresses and celebrities, and in this part the voice of women’s protest against menopause was attributed to them!

Mr. seeker! At what age do we women protest your admiration for him?

Regardless of the reaction of Abul-Qasim Talebi’s protest and feminism, the issue here is that most of the serious protests of women at various times are attributed to their physiological problems rather than seriously investigated and pursued, and even become a source of jokes. And he laughed.

Menstrual day, postpartum depression day, menopausal complication day, etc. always become a source of humor on the part of the men, just so that they don’t take the women’s protests seriously; The question is, at what age should a woman demand or protest so as not to become the object of humor and jokes of the male population in the so-called elite environment?

Is there a defect and defect in menopause?

The fact that Mr. Talibi clearly uses the title “menopause” in his discourse as a tool to oppress and humiliate women, he really wants this part of a woman’s life to be seen as a vice, whether she wants it or not. Your vices end. But the point here is that the women are actually entering a new part of their lives, which just so happens to be the valley of peace and quiet. Mr. seeker! The cost of going through menopause is exercise, proper nutrition, and consumption of antioxidants; But how will you pay for this?

The next issue is that one of the prides of Iranian cinema is the use of women as a tool, and this limitation helped raise the level of Iranian cinema. But that is the question Again, in Iranian cinema, the issue of female attraction is still one of the main factors for the use of female artists. Is this the problem of female artists, or have we taken the wrong path in making policies and implementing this cinema? If women face a decline in cinematic performances due to the loss of their visual appeal, then the problem is not in the woman, but the problem is gendered and instrumental from this point of view, which sometimes appears in the form of using women’s faces, and sometimes appears in the form of gender insult.

Bullying usually makes people feel superior, and sexual bullying is one obvious form of bullying we’ve seen many times over the years from men. It doesn’t matter if this guy is a film director, religious speaker, or Twitter activist! What makes women vulnerable in Eastern culture is the culture of shame that completely surrounds the discourse of sex. We have seen many times that some men have shamed her for humiliating women. A sexual bully uses exactly this vulnerability of a woman due to the element of shame and gets his hands on the sexual organs, sexuality and in short all aspects of a woman’s sexuality to make her feel ashamed. The bully’s goal is to use this tool to silence the woman’s voice.

This is certainly not the first time these people, no matter what costs they cause to the country and Iranian cinema, have been around; They shout their thoughts and it won’t be the last time, but the question is, how does Sedavsima want to stop her extravagant guests? Isn’t it time to reconsider the use of some faces and the live broadcast of some programs?

the end of the letter

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